DNAFit's Sweet Ab Challenge

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Here at DNAFit, we like to practice what we preach. It’s all well and good giving you advice to stay healthier, but it’s equally important that our team stays healthy as well. For this reason, our Wellness Team has challenged the South African team to be healthier, by undergoing the “Sweet Ab Challenge”. And you can participate too!

How does DNAFit’s Sweet Ab Challenge work?

No matter what your fitness level, this is about reaching your own personal goals and becoming healthier as an individual by not only focusing on your fitness, but on your nutrition.

At DNAFit, we’re measuring everyone on the following criteria:

The DNAFit team’s starting averages

Get the abs you’ve always wanted!

You too can set your own benchmarks in line with these. Establish where you currently sit and then, after six weeks, you can see how you’ve progressed. You’ll be amazed to see what a healthy diet and regular exercise can do for you. To add more value, you can use your DNAFit results to train to your genes and eat correctly in order to see results faster and more efficiently.

Join us in the #DNAFitSweetAbChallenge

Dedicate six weeks to your own personal challenge, guided by the advice our sports scientists and dieticians have given the DNAFit team. You can use the following resources to help you succeed:

Download our sugar (and sugar alternatives) to avoid list

Avoid, or better yet eliminate, these foods over the next six weeks. Don’t forget to watch out for hidden sugars.

Download List 

Download our planking challenge training plan

Improve your planking time and strengthen your core, by including these easy 10 to 15 minute plank workouts every day for the next six weeks.

Download Exercises

The DNAFit “Sweet Ab Challenge” ends at the end of November, but your six weeks starts now. After the challenge is complete we’ll show you how everyone has progressed and who our winners are, so stay in touch to find out how the DNAFit team does.

If you’re going to take part in the challenge yourself, then good luck! Be sure to tag us in your results on social! #DNAFitSweetAbChallenge


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