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Make better, more informed choices about your nutrition & diet

Everything there is to know about how your genetics affect your response to food.

  • Full Diet Reports
  • MealPlanner Access Included
  • Personal Coaching Support

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Here's what you'll get with Diet Pro



Diet Insights

A selection of in-depth and easy to use genetic insights to help you personalise your diet.

Reports Include

  • Carbohydrate & Fat Response
  • Anti-Oxidant & Omega 3 Need
  • Folate, Vitamin B & D Need
  • Alcohol & Caffeine Sensitivity
  • Lactose Tolerance
  • Phase 2 Detoxification

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Personalised Meal Plans

Our genetically-guided meal planning & recipe platform is included with MealPlanner.

MealPlanner includes

  • Recipes built around your tastes, genetics and target weight
  • Ingredients list linked to an online shopping basket

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Coaching Choice

Personal Dietician Coaching

Included with MealPlanner, get a qualified dietician coaching session to help you reach your goals.

MealPlanner Coaching includes

  • 30 minute call, choice of:
  • Qualified dieticians
  • Ongoing coaching support

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Unlock the power of personalised nutrition

There’s no such thing as a one size fits all approach to diet and nutrition, so we help you discover your unique Nutrigenetic profile, with an in-depth selection of personalised insights.

  • Discover how to build your perfect meal, with carbohydrate & fat response
  • Take control of your long-term health with personalised nutrient recommendations
  • Upgrade your dietary habits with genetic intolerances & sensitivity reports
  • Genetically guided recipes & meal planning in your hands, with MealPlanner included
  • Personal coaching by our team of qualified dieticians

"Impressively, in just over a week following their recommendations, I went down a clothes size, which convinces me that knowing your body's needs at a genetic level is a huge leap forward.”

Fiona Golfar, Editor-at-Large, Vogue UK

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Optimal Diet Type

Discover how your genetics affect the way you metabolise carbohydrates & fats, to build your personal plate.

Nutrient Needs

Why follow the average advice, when you’re unique? Discover how your DNA can signal a raised need for certain vitamins & nutrients.

Sensitivities & Intolerances

Your unique genetic profile can affect the way your body deals with certain foods, find out how to personalise your food choices for optimal wellbeing.

Personalised MealPlanner System

Discover recipes, advice and shopping lists that are built for you, and only you. Based on your genetic results, along with your goals & preferences.

Our users love Diet Pro, you will too

Personalised coaching.
Personalised results.

Enjoy a complimentary 30m phone consultation to review your results.

  • Speak to a trained dietitian
  • Optimise your food choices based on your DNA
  • Ongoing support throughout your 12 week nutrition programme & more

MealPlanner, by DNAFit. Your personal chef, in your pocket.

Effortlessly discover recipes and shopping lists built for your goals, automatically personalised to fit your nutrigenetic profile from the start.

Just tell MealPlanner what you want to achieve, your likes and dislikes and we’ll do the rest. MealPlanner even integrates with your favourite retailer, so you can fill your online shopping basket with everything you need for your genetically guided recipe plan.

Cutting edge science, real life change

Cutting edge science, real life change

We bring the science out of the laboratory, into your hands.

  • Only the most researched genetic variants in relation to nutrition & fitness
  • Every genetic insight supported by clear actionable advice
  • Your data is yours, we won’t sell or share it with anyone
  • One test, a lifetime of change

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