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Next level wellness engagement, with our truly personalised nutrition, fitness and wellbeing solution.

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DNAfit for Enterprise

Empower your employees to live healthier and happier

Whether you’re a high growth start-up or an established player, your employees are your biggest asset - don’t rely on the average advice to help them feel their best.

Empower your employees to manage their own health with personalised guidance and lifetime change

DNAfit tests

DNAfit saliva tests

Our simple saliva swab kits can be taken at home, at the office, or anywhere. Samples are analysed at our accredited lab.

Personalised wellness reports

Personalised wellness reports

Every member received their own unique and secure DNAfit portal, to explore and understand how their DNA affects their response to nutrition & fitness.

Expert workshops & coaching

Expert workshops & coaching

DNAfit provide every member with personal coaching from our team of qualified dieticians & sports scientists along with optional onsite group workshops.

Ongoing support & add-ons

Ongoing support & add-ons

Using the DNAfit app and our genetically guided MealPlanner and training platforms, your team will have our health coaching team through every step of their wellness journey.

DNAfit will guide your employees into their genetic profile to improve their health and wellbeing



Diet Insights

A selection of in-depth and easy to use genetic insights to help you personalise your diet.

Reports Include

  • Optimal Diet Type
  • Carbohydrate & Fat Response
  • Anti-Oxidant & Omega 3 Need
  • Folate, Vitamin B & D Need
  • Salt, Alcohol & Caffeine Sensitivity
  • Lactose Tolerance
  • Coeliac Predisposition
  • Phase 1 & Phase 2 Detoxification



Fitness Insights

Discover how your DNA can help optimise your workouts with actionable genetic reports.

Reports Include

  • DNAfit Peak Performance Algorithm®
  • Aerobic Trainability
  • Injury Predisposition
  • Recovery Nutrition Needs
  • Recovery Profile



Meal & Training Plans

Our genetically-guided training & meal plan platforms are included with your Health Fit.

MealPlanner includes

  • Recipes built around your tastes, genetics and target weight
  • Ingredients list linked to an online shopping basket

Training Plans include

  • Workouts built around goal, genetics, and access to equipment
  • Video, audio and text guides

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Coaching Choices

Personal Health Coach

Included with Health Fit, get a personal health coach to help you reach your goals.

Health Fit Coaching includes

  • 30 minute call, choice of:
  • Qualified dieticians
  • Sports scientists
  • Ongoing coaching support

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Stress & Sleep Insights

Learn how your body responds to stress as well as your genetic chronotype.

Reports include:

  • Stress Tolerance
  • Warrior vs. Strategist Response
  • Genetic Chronotype
  • Sleep Quality & Caffeine Response

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Innovate with a personalised long-lasting behaviour change

Advice only works if you can stick to it. Our research shows the true worth in personalisation - long term, sustainable change that fits in to your team’s lifestyle.

Weight loss reduction

Cholesterol Reduction

HDL & Blood Glucose Improvement

Improvements in long term weight loss and clinical parameters with the use of nutrigenetics in a 2-year prospective study, by the DNAfit Nutritional & Exercise Genomics Research Centre.

There’s a whole world of personalisation waiting for you and your team

Don’t stop at just diet and fitness advice, with DNAfit we can help unlock a whole world of personalised wellness.



Top up your wellbeing routine with genetically personalised vitamins.



Discover how your DNA can affect the way you respond to stress.



Manage your sleep habits with unique insights into your genetic sleep profile.

Find out what works for your body

Combining the industry’s best research, with world leading data security

Our DNA is what makes us who we are, so we put in place a strict data protection policy so you know your data is secure.

DNAfit adhere to the UK Data Protection Act and are ISO27001 certified, so you can rest assured that your information is in safe hands. ISO27001 is the global standard for information & data security and we’re the only consumer genetics company to have achieved this rigorous standard!


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DNAfit is proud to be part of the Prenetics Group.


Prenetics is the leading genetic testing/digital health company in Southeast Asia, empowering individuals with valuable information to make their health a personal choice.

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