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All it takes to get access to Circle is the same simple saliva swab process you’re used to, unlock a whole new world of genetic insights today

  • Whole Exome Sequencing
    From our world-leading laboratory
  • Take control of your health
    With 500+ easy to understand reports
  • Unparalleled data protection
    World-leading ISO27001 security
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Introducing the world’s most advanced DNA test

  • 500+ DNA Reports
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  • Genetic counselling support

“Circle is the single most transformative health product I have ever seen in my 20 years of working in life science technologies”

Avi Lasarow, CEO
Prenetics International

Upgrade to Circle Premium

All it takes to get access to Circle is the same simple saliva swab process you’re used to, unlock a whole new world of genetic insights today

  • Whole Exome Sequencing
    From our world-leading laboratory
  • Take control of your health
    With 500+ easy to understand reports
  • Unparalleled data protection
    World-leading ISO27001 security
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The Circle test for genetic mutations is unquestionably useful and accurate, provided you understand what it means.

Circle is highly responsible in the advice it gives clients on how to respond to its findings.

David Aaronovitch

Billed as the world’s most comprehensive DNA test
in the world.

A cheek swab gets you a tonne of personalised data, from diet to stress and sleep, to help you optimise yourself.

Holly Brockwell

How is Circle different from DNAfit?

You leave no stone unturned in your quest to be the best version of yourself, that’s why you joined DNAfit.

At DNAfit, we pride ourselves on providing our users the very best science there is when it comes to health and wellbeing.

With our latest product, Circle, now we have the chance to unlock the next step in that journey.

Imagine what you could do with over 31 million data points about your health.

The next level in DNA testing

Whole Exome technology means you’ll reveal 20,000 times more information about your DNA than with DNAfit!

This means all the amazing insights from DNAfit, plus over 500+ new reports including your ancestry, cancer risk, carrier status and pharmacogenomics reports alongside health coaching and even qualified genetic counselling support.

From the leader in DNA for wellbeing...

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Most advanced home DNA technology!

...the most extensive DNA test available, anywhere.

The best value Whole Exome Sequencing ever

Don’t miss your opportunity to discover your profile

How much better is Circle?

31,000,000 Data Points

Heard of 23andMe? Circle covers more than 50x more data! This means no more false results, far deeper levels of informations and you’ll never need to do another DNA test again.

500+ Genetic Reports

Thanks to Circle’s Whole Exome technology, you’ll discover more than would have ever been possible in any other DNA test on the market.

World-leading Data Protection

Circle uses gold standard security protocols to keep your data safe. With ISO27001 data management standards, you can rest assured we treat your data with the respect it deserves.

Circle is already transforming users’ lives

Kristina and Sara

“Health and wellness has always been an important part of our lives so it’s really exciting to see how CircleDNA can help people to make a positive change on their health. We found out so much about ourselves from our CircleDNA results and it was so interesting to compare our results as we actually have a lot of similarities!”

Angela Foster

“I am really looking forward to getting my CircleDNA results to learn more about myself. Am I scared of what it might show? No, because knowing my risk factors will give me greater control over my environment and lifestyle to reduce my risk. With a strong family history of diabetes and chronic kidney disease, knowing my DNA will empower me to make the changes and change the trajectory of my genetic outcomes.”

Alex Chisnall

“When you start a business, an entrepreneur’s health is often the first thing to go. But it’s the most important thing. CircleDNA is a great way to help people optimise their health, especially with regards to their exercise and nutrition. When you’re running a business it’s extremely important to focus on your wellness and nutrition as this will have a beneficial effect on your immunity and when running a company you don’t want to be getting ill all the time.”

DNAfit vs. Circle

Why we’re offering you this special edition upgrade

Lab technology Gene Array Whole Exome
DNA analysed 1500 data points >31 million data points
Reports 40 reports 500 reports
Categories 4 categories 20 categories
Coaching Health Coach Health Coach + Genetic Counselling
Sports & Fitness
Stress & Sleep
Cancer Risk
Common Health Risk
Family Planning
Dementia & Brain Health
Disease Risk
Drug Response
Physical Traits
Personality Traits
Behavioural Traits
Success Traits
Gender Traits
Music & Dance
Pollution Response

Ready to take the next step for your health?

Taking your DNA beyond wellness, unlocking a whole world of personalised health

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Circle home testing kit and welcome pack
  • Easy-to-understand app & report portal
  • Interactive, personalised reports
  • Extensive PDF Report
  • Health Coach Consultation
  • Genetic Counsellor Consultation
  • Manage you and your families results

Learn more about yourself than ever before

Every possible genetic insight, all in one simple test


15 reports


20 reports

Sports & Fitness

18 reports

Stress & Sleep

8 reports


7 reports


5 reports


14 reports

Success Traits

9 reports

Music & Dance

2 reports


1 reports

Physical Traits

12 reports

Gender Traits

4 reports

Behavioural Traits

5 reports

Personality Traits

5 reports

Common Health Risks

8 reports

Disease Risk

65 reports

Dementia & Brain Health

6 reports

Cancer Risk

36 reports

Family Planning

157 reports

Drug Response

103 reports

"For the past 20 years I’ve been working at the cutting edge of health technologies. In this time I’ve seen and done it all - from yoga domes and vegetarian restaurants to hair and DNA testing.

Even with the experience I’ve had, I have NEVER been more excited about a new product than I am about Circle DNA.

This test is truly groundbreaking.

Never before have we had the opportunity to know so much about ourselves, or been able to so much control of our health as we can today with Circle.

As a valued DNAfit user, I know you are already taking steps to be the best you can be.

With Circle, we’re bringing you the opportunity to unlock your entire Exome sequence, at the best price ever possible for this high end technology.

This is the biggest leap in home DNA testing the world has ever seen, and as part of our DNAfit community I’m excited to bring you this amazing test, at an amazing price.

You’ll learn everything from your ancestral makeup, your risk for certain cancers and diseases, your carrier status for your family’s health and much, much more.

I look forward to sharing this new world of personalised health with you."

Yours in health

DNAfit CEO Avi Lasarow presenting Circle Premium to UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson

DNAfit CEO Avi Lasarow presenting Circle Premium to UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson

World leading innovation

Circle is brought to you by the award winning team behind DNAfit.

We’ve been privileged to present our innovative technologies to leading clinical boards, ministries of health and to heads of state.

Now we’re making the most accurate and cutting edge technology, Whole Exome Sequencing, available to our users at an incredible price.

Fast Companies Queens Award Board of Trade Winner 2018

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Number of reports

Accompanied with personalised action items & recommendations

125 Reports

14 categories

500 Reports

20 categories

Lifetime subscription

Receive free updates to new features, reports & categories


Diet & Nutrition reports

35 test items - Uncover your optimal diet type & nutrient needs, including carbohydrate & fat sensitivity, vitamin B6, B12 and Omega-3 levels.

Sports & Fitness reports

18 test items - Unlock your optimal fitness potential by understanding your genetic strength profile, power capacity, injury risk and more.

Cancer reports

36 test items - Assess your risk of common hereditary cancers - such as breast, colorectal & prostate so that you can make informed health decisions.

Health Risk & Disease reports

73 test items - Uncover and mitigate your risk of developing common health risks & other diseases such as hypertension and osteoporosis with preventive clinical action plans.

Dementia & Brain Health reports

6 test items - Plan, prepare and protect your future by understanding how your DNA relates to brain diseases such as Dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

Family Planning reports

Assess your carrier status across 157 hereditary conditions including Cystic Fibrosis, Deafness & Thalassemia that may be passed on to your child.

Drug Response reports

Learn about your genetic responses to 103 FDA-approved drugs, and identify medications that are more likely to work well for you.


Stress & Sleep reports

8 test items - Get personalised action items including stress tolerance, sleep depth & sleep quality to manage stress and sleep better.

Skin reports

14 test items - Go beyond skin deep with genetic insights about your skin elasticity, wrinkle formation, whitening ability and more.

Traits & Talents reports

30+ test items - Discover your unique self with a new perspective across physical, behavioural, personality, success, and other traits.

Well-Being & Pollution Sensitivity reports

12 test items - Attain optimal wellness and vitality by unlocking genetic insights on key bodily functions including metabolic response, appetite control, dust allergy and more.

Ancestry reports

Discover your origins, reconnect with your roots and explore how your unique self came to be.


Health coaching

30-min complimentary consultation with a genetics-trained health coach.

Genetic counselling

30-min complimentary consultation with a certified genetic counsellor.

Mobile + PDF reports

Access your DNA results with the official Circle Mobile App and PDF report.

Meet the Circle ChangeMakers

Our ChangeMakers have made a pledge to optimise their life, with unparalleled insight.

Roger Snipes - Elite Fitness Coach

My CircleDNA results showed that I am genetically predisposed to stress, after speaking with the genetic counsellor I was informed that although a person can have neurotic genetic traits you can choose to be something else through lifestyle practices. Because of the choices I make in life I have adopted a healthier way of living which helps to keep stress at bay.

Bryan Habana - International Rugby Player

In a world of over 7.5 billion people... Do you know what makes you uniquely you? My CircleDNA results have helped me to go even deeper into my genetic make-up to understand what makes me who I am today. When I look back on my career I can puzzle pieces together, for example, my DNA results show how I was able to recover so quickly especially after injuries.

The most advanced genetic science, made accessible and easy to understand

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Detailed PDF Reports

Qualified Genetic Counselling Support

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