Londoners, eating a healthy meal out just got a whole lot easier!

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9 active date ideas for Valentine's Day

Tired of the traditional “dinner and a movie”? Here's nine active date ideas that are more creative and WAY more exciting. Your sweetheart will never forget one of these unique dates!

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4 vegan power smoothies to boost your energy in the morning

Life happens. That’s a fact. Trains stop running, alarms don’t always go off - and on those days, you might need an extra energy boost to help you stay sane. Our four vegan power smoothies are delicious (not to mention quick and easy) ways help you start your day on the right foot.

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New You, New Wardrobe: Dressing for Your Goal Weight

Luke Conod shares some expert tips to help you dress for your goal weight this year. Buying a couple of key “wishlist” items can help provide the motivation you need to stick to your diet - despite all the temptation that surrounds you.

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MCT oil vs. coconut oil and olive oil: which is better for your health?

There’s been a lot of buzz around which oils you should consume. Is coconut oil really good for you, or is it MCT oil that you should be choosing? And what about the old favourite olive oil, should you simply stick to adding that to your meals instead of following the trends?

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The busy mum’s guide to at home exercises

It can be a daunting trying to fit exercise into your day inbetween fetching and carrying kids, work and life admin. Luckily we’ve found some simple but effective exercises to work out your arms, legs and core muscles without any fancy gym equipment.

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How to choose the healthiest meal on the menu

Eating out can be challenging when you're trying to stick to your diet. Luckily, we have some expert tips to help you sniff out the healthiest items on the menu at your favourite restaurant. With the help of our Wellness Team, we present to you the smartest ways for you to choose food that is good for you.

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Why looking after yourself if the best investment you’ll ever make

Lots of our older customers say they wish they'd had DNAFit when they were young. Enjoying a good quality of life into old age starts by looking after your body when you're in your 20s and 30s. Here’s why.

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6 pre-workout warm-ups to avoid injuries at the gym

As we get older it becomes increasingly important to warm up properly to avoid injuries. These six pre-workout warm ups will help prevent injuries at the gym so that you don't pull a muscle and throw your training schedule out.

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Eating for performance: up your CrossFit game with these diet hacks

If you’re training daily and nearing your goals, but seem to be making less and less progress as time goes by - read on, we might be able to help. Here’s a review of some of the best foods for bulking to help you avoid that pesky plateau.

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Running essentials for the new year

Ready to dust off your sneakers and hit the road? Here’s what you need to get the most out of your training in 2019.

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