The best foods for healthy skin

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Posted 5 Days Ago in: Nutrition

A Review of the Superpowders

Superpowders have become big business in the health and nutrition industry, but do they work? We investigate what makes them healthy and why we should be supplementing with them.

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Posted 10 Days Ago in: Training, Genetics

Is a toned physique genetic?

We all know someone who, despite their seemingly unhealthy lifestyle, looks naturally fit. You might even be this person (if so, we’re jealous). Let’s find out if a toned body is only a matter of winning the genetic lottery...

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Posted 17 Days Ago in: Nutrition

The alkaline diet: does it work?

The alkaline diet promotes eating foods with less acidity to maintain your body's pH levels for the benefit of your health. What is it and does it work?

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Posted 22 Days Ago in: Training

6 extreme sports to add to your bucket list

If you thought extreme sports were only for adrenaline junkies, think again. Extreme sports are way more accessible to the general public than you might imagine. Not only are they a great way to stay in shape, they’re also loads of fun. Why not give one of these a try?

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The raw food diet: is it really a healthy eating plan?

You may have heard the benefits of the raw food diet. But, before you ditch your Sunday roast for a kale smoothie, let’s find out if raw veganism is everything it’s cracked up to be.

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Posted 31 Days Ago in: Training, Nutrition

Spot reduction - fact or fiction?

There still remains a belief that spot reduction works, but why? We separate the fact from the fiction.

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How to bulk up on a vegan diet

Being on a vegan diet means that you'll need to get your protein for muscle building from other sources, but it is still possible to achieve. Here are a few things to take note of when you're want to bulk up as a vegan.

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Posted 38 Days Ago in: Training

Using Machines at Gym

Free weights vs machines, which one is better? Both have their own individual benefits and this week we're focused on which machines to use for maximum gains.

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Posted 45 Days Ago in: Training, Nutrition

7 Ways to Optimise Your Evening Workout

When you don't have time to train in the morning, you train in the evening. Fact is, you've still got to exercise at some point to maintain a healthy lifestyle and the evening can, in some aspects, be a better time to train. Here are a few ways to boost your nightly workout.

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Posted 50 Days Ago in: Genetics, Nutrition

The relationship between stress and weight

Stress has a close relationship with weight, whether it be gaining or losing it in an unhealthy manner, but why? We investigate the potential reasons why stress and weight are closely linked.

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