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You’ve learnt about your genetic ancestry, now let’s use your data to get fit. DNAFit.

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Training and diet on the most personal level possible, in just a few clicks.

Our genome can tell us so much about ourselves. As an user you’ve unlocked information as diverse as your genetic ancestry to major health concerns.

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Using your data, you can unlock your genetic fitness and nutrition DNAFit reports in a matter of minutes - no swab necessary. Upgrade your data to DNAFit today and start making your training and nutrition personal, really personal.

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Three simple steps, from to DNAFit.

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You need... Fitness Diet Pro

This is the ultimate DNAFIt package. Not only will you receive ALL of our fitness and nutrition markers to give you the most in-depth picture of your exercise and diet genetics possible, but you’ll also receive access to the DNAFit Olympian Benchmark System.

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Olympian Benchmark

Benchmark yourself against our selection of DNAFit olympic athletes and see how your genetics stack up!

Diet Type Recommendation
Carbohydrate Response
Saturated Fat Response
Lactose Tolerance
12-week Recipe Guide
Genotype Specific Shopping List
Detoxification Genetics
Anti-Oxidant Need
Omega-3 Need
Vitamin B Need
Vitamin D Need
Alcohol Sensitivity
Caffeine Sensitivity
Salt Sensitivity
Power/Endurance Response
Sports Injury Resilience
Recovery Speed
Recovery Nutrition Needs
Aerobic (Vo2 Max) Potential
Fitness Genotype Breakdown


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