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Customer Stories

"I was really surprised that I was suited to a low carb diet as that’s something I’ve never really considered with my heavy training load, but after implementing this for several months now it’s made a massive difference and I wouldn’t change it."

Julia Cook

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Work with your coach to improve your sessions using your DNAFit results

Julia wanted to get a greater understanding into how her genes affect her training and nutrition, after lengthy research she realised it could have a massive impact on her athletic performance, as well as her health in general. The main changes she made following her DNAFit test were to her diet and nutrition but after learning about her recovery profile, she has adjusted her training programme with her coach to reflect this. She feels she goes into training feeling a lot better and has a higher quality training session. Julia has also seen many changes; to her body, she’s more toned and has lost some fat, and in her mindset, she’s much more confident in her training as it’s tailored to her genes.

"Getting my exercise and diet right is really important to me as it supports many other things in my life. This is exactly why I purchased DNAFit, we’re all so individual after all!"

John Kerr, 35

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Knowing your genetic predispositions to fitness and nutrition can improve your lifestyle as a whole...

John purchased DNAFit to understand his body and take actionable steps for his training, diet and wellbeing. He was surprised to learn that he has more of bias towards power-based intensities! John has gained more muscle and feels more capable with lifting weights after working on his power-based training. DNAFit advised John about his injury risk and recovery profiles, which helped him to understand and manage his previous soft tissue injuries. John discovered he is sensitive to carbohydrates, so adapted his diet to focus on getting his energy from healthy fats, and feels good as a result!

"I'm so much more confident in the gym and when planning my meals, as I now know what works for my body!"

Carly McWilliams, 37

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Don’t let having a baby stop you from achieving your health & fitness goals...

Carly wanted to find herself again after having her baby. She lacked confidence, feared exercising in public and wanted to overcome these barriers and become healthier. Carly decided to use genetic testing with DNAFit to learn more about her body on a deeper level and set realistic and achievable goals. She found the results fascinating, and best of all, personalised to her! In 6 months she lost 20lbs, reduced her body fat by 8.5% and lost 17 1/2 inches off her navel, hips, arms... everywhere!

"The biggest changes have been quick weight loss and more energy."

Liam Rowlinson, 35

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Quit the yo-yo dieting!

Liam decided to purchase DNAFit to become healthier. He was most surprised at how much weight he’s lost - just under 10kgs and counting! Liam has increased his endurance activity alongside his strength training due to having more of an endurance genetic bias. He has quit the yo-yo dieting in favour of following his optimal diet type of a Mediterranean diet and is loving the results!

"You only recognise how inconsistent your focus is until you get given an upgrade. I feel like I got mine."

Lester Savage

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There is no general diet for everyone

Lester experienced finding a bespoke nutrition and fitness plan for his genetic makeup incredible and wasn’t disappointed. He was surprised to discover he had a raised need for Vitamin D and Omega 3, and cruciferous vegetables, so focused on increasing his supplement and fruit intake which make him feel better in general. Lester thoroughly enjoyed the experience and is still seeing results while feeling confident he’s eating and exercising right for him!

"All in all, I would thoroughly recommend DNAFit to anyone who was serious about being as healthy as possible, it really is a great investment!"

Sam Barley, 35

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Regain your health and physique in the best way possible

Sam’s DNAFit results were very enlightening and held some surprises. His results have helped him to tailor his fitness and nutrition approaches to suit him individually. His fitness genetics results helped him change the way he trains to avoid injury, which he is genetically predisposed to, while his nutrition results, including following a Low Carb diet, have seen him reach excellent results in a short amount of time.

"I was interested to learn more about my genetic markers to give me an advantage in beating stubborn belly fat. My weight loss since doing DNAFit has been consistent and on track."

Michael Boraas

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Achieve your long-term weight loss goals

Michael wanted to understand what type of workouts are best suited to him to achieve the best results for his fitness and weight goals, and so he decided to explore his generic markers to achieve this. He found it unexpected that he has sensitivities to caffeine and alcohol, and that he needed to increase his steady state cardio training and active recovery to his workouts. He presented his results to his Personal Trainer and Nutritionist and collectively they are implementing his DNAFit results to reach his goals.

"I wasn’t born with a fit body but if I was able to change, you can change as well. A DNAFit test will help you to start off on the right foot!"


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Use your DNA to discover about your full potential

Jo has been on his health and fitness journey for a while, but decided something was missing, so he decided to get to know his body even deeper through taking his DNAFit test to unlock his full fitness potential. He was surprised that he needed to include both power and endurance style training due to his mixed training response bias. Jo also discovered he needs to incorporate more recovery days rather than pushing his muscles every day. Jo’s nutrition report revealed that he is more sensitive to carbohydrates than fats, which was something he wasn’t aware of and he previously favoured carbs over fat. He is now eating less carbs and incorporating more fat, such as healthy oils and walnuts into his diet. His weight hasn’t changed because he has kept his calories constant, however, his body is leaner and bulkier, his cardio has increased and as a bonus, his skin is better!

"In six weeks, I’ve gained more confidence in the gym, AND a needed 14lbs, most of which has been muscle!"

Andy Bose, 28

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DNAFit helps for weight management: both losing and gaining weight...

Andy used his DNAFit insights to help him gain muscle after losing lots of weight from an illness. He wanted to learn what food types would help him gain weight, without just gaining fat, as he has struggled with being overweight in the past. He was also interested to learn about his micronutrient need and adapted his diet accordingly. Needing a confidence boost with his training in the gym, due to long-term injuries, Andy used the advice from DNAFit to achieve his desired result, without any injuries!

"The most surprising result had to do with my nutrition in regards to my coeliac predisposition. I had been eating items containing wheat, which realistically was working against me. This caused me to change my approach to nutrition and I am feeling and performing better than ever!"

Michael Dale

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Learn about insights to your body you don’t realise are negatively affecting you

Michael had been training at a very high intensity for many years but wanted to push his body further. Using DNAFit he was able to accomplish the mission he set out for. From following his DNAFit results, Michael removed foods containing wheat, changed to a Mediterranean diet and focused on high intensity training, to name a few!

"I love the fact we have the power to influence our own health and futures by optimising our diet and training"


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DNAFit will help encourage and motivate you, particularly during training!

Deborah already ate really well but was surprised to find out the effect salt could have on her blood pressure. She has focused on reducing her salt intake and started to include more calcium rich foods to help protect her bones due to her raised need for calcium. Deborah found her DNAFit results her motivating factor while training for a marathon, where she took 20mins off her time, completing the marathon in 4hrs 20! She utilised her optimal diet type of Mediterranean avoiding refined carbohydrates to ‘re-fuel’ after training runs and included lots of oily fish for their anti-inflammatory properties.

"Each day I use the information from my DNAFit test results to improve my health by exploring new exercises and foods that fit me best. I sincerely recommend taking this test to discover an even better you!"


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Discover an even better you

After having her third baby, Aynur felt it was not as easy to recover now she’s over 30; she decided getting to know her genes better would help and so purchased DNAFit. From learning her DNAFit results, Aynur has started a long discovery of new facts about her body, nutrition and training. The complimentary consultation with our DNAFit nutritionists and sport scientists helped Aynur understand what her body really needs and she has since made changes to her lifestyle, training and eating, seeing serious effects in terms of her fitness.

"I can now see that the mind-field of nutritional approaches does not have to be so challenging. The best results come simply when you make the approach fit you the individual, and not fit into the approach."


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Increase your energy levels & reduce your injury risk!

Ross decided to purchase DNAFit to have a better understanding of what was the best nutritional approach to support his martial arts and general energy levels in light of becoming a father. He mentioned that the main changes he made were not groundbreaking in regards to being challenging to implement. They were however ground breaking in regards to the personal impact! Due to his Mediterranean Optimal Diet Type, he started to not be too concerned his carbohydrate intake, which hugely benefitted his martial arts practice. He has focused far more on his recovery routine and rest periods in between workouts. This has increased his general energy levels, he’s picked up less small nagging pulls, strains, aches, and pains.

"I’ve always had energy for exercise, but now I just enjoy it more and don’t feel depleted afterwards."


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Have confidence in your diet, fitness and lifestyle choices

Matt wanted some insight into what kind of diet, supplements and fitness routine would give him the most energy, support emotional health and prevent illness. He had experimented with these variables but wasn’t sure which was best for him. He was looking for a plan he could be confident about. He was most surprised to learn that his nutritional needs are found in his DNA, and the results aligned perfectly with previously taken blood tests. He made the recommended changes and since following his DNAFit results, he has noticed his mood has evened out, he has more energy, sleeps better and even has smoother skin!

"I was most surprised about the amount of detail that the results provided me and the suggestions that were made for my specific needs."


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Sometimes the changes are only small but they are very meaningful

After being a vegetarian for 9 years and developing intolerances to some foods, Ciara wanted to use DNAFIt to discover her genetic story and the potential reasons behind her intolerances. She was surprised about the amount of detail and the suggestions made. For example, her raised need for B vitamins and folate can be satisfied by foods others than those she can’t eat (eggs, avocado & meat), such as kale, wholegrain and chickpeas. By making these small changes to her diet using her DNAFit results, she feels much more likely and able to make meals to keep herself healthy.

"DNAFit has certainly given me the confidence to continue with more knowledge about my own body and how best to exercise and fuel it."


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Have confidence from learning about your own body

Liz had spent a lot of her adult life being overweight, inactive, lazy and not very interested in looking after herself. All of her family are overweight, so she told herself that it was a genetic thing and that they were all big boned and not natural athletes. This all changed 5 years ago after the birth of her second child, Liz become really ill and was diagnosed with Meniere’s disease. She was told there was no cure for this condition but the medication to ease the symptoms wasn’t working so she couldn’t see a way out. Liz decided that she needed to do everything possible to beat the disease and make her life better, so she decided to completely change her diet and start exercising. She started to follow a low salt, alcohol and caffeine diet along with reducing her carbs and cooking everything from scratch. At the same time she started running and going to the gym. Liz’s personal trainer introduced her to DNAFit and she was really intrigued to find out her Optimal Diet Type and to learn about her injury and recovery profiles. Liz found her DNAFit results really interesting and discovered she has a high injury risk, which could explain her on-going overuse injuries - it made her realise rest days are as important as training days! Her DNAFit results revealed that she is highly sensitive to carbs, caffeine, salt and alcohol and these were the areas she reduced to help her Meniere’s disease, so she has confidence that she had made the correct changes for her health.

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