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Confused by diet and exercise advice?
Find the way that works for you.

Stop jumping between different diets and workouts, make the changes that your body needs today.


Before I started DNAFit, I realised the following fact - Whether you’re only just starting out on your fitness and nutrition journey, or you’re looking to step up to the next level, choosing what to eat and how to train is a confusing and difficult process.

It seems almost everyday there’s a new ‘fad’ diet and latest workout craze to help us tone up, grow muscle and improve body composition. So how do we make the right decision for our body?

I tried dozens of different ways before finally finding the right way for me.

At DNAFit, we believe that the best way is the one that works for you, not what works for another.

I learnt the hard way, through bewildering trial and error, and I don’t want you to go through that.

So with our expert team at DNAFit, we put together these 5 free guides to help you find the best route to your goals, not somebody else’s.

Just let me know the best email address to send these to, and you’ll receive the following:

  • 1 - How to Maximise Your Workout Time
  • 2 - Stop Changing Diets & Focus on Food Choices That Really Work
  • 3 - Don’t Let Injury Worries Hold Your Workout Back
  • 4 - Support Your Fitness With Vitamins & Micronutrients
  • 5 - SPECIAL REPORT: How Cookie-Cutter Training Programs Are Letting You Down

All the best,

Avi Lasarow
CEO & Founder DNAFit Ltd.

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