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DNAFit, UK-based consumer genetics company included as Fast Company name the top 10 most innovative companies in data science.

Fast Company today announced its annual ranking of the world’s 50 Most Innovative Companies for 2017. This one of their most significant editorial efforts of the year, and includes the most notable innovations of the year, linking them with the impact they have on business, industry, and culture, with Amazon claiming the top spot.


The coverage also highlights Top 10 lists in 36 sectors and geographies, from artificial intelligence to health to travel.


UK-based genetics company DNAFit, has been recognised as one of the Top 10 Most Innovative Companies within the Data Science sector, and is amongst a number of first-time honorees on this year’s list. This adds to the glowing recognition that we have been proud to receive. Fast Company have highlighted us as “taking a revolutionary approach that lifts cutting edge science out of the laboratory.” DNAFit placed 8th in the Data Science category among such companies as Netflix, Spotify, NASA and The Guardian and is the only British genetic testing company on the list. Not bad company to be in, especially since DNAFit have only been around since 2013 and continue to make a concerted effort aimed at improving the way we focus on the quality of human life from an individual perspective.


Avi Lasarow, CEO of DNAFit, said; “Our inclusion within Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies list for 2017 is another great milestone in DNAFit’s journey as pioneers in the sector of genetics for fitness, nutrition and wellbeing. Our mission is to unlock the human potential in each and every one of us, and our commitment to investing in research to underpin our easily accessible consumer product will continue to place us at the forefront of this exciting industry.”


It goes without saying that the only way to truly gauge our success is through discovering what our consumers think of us, and how we are recognized on the international stage. We make use these tangible benchmarks to add to our already determined motivation to disrupt the fitness and nutrition industry, and provide people with a proven alternative that hones in on what we, at our core, all need to make positive changes in our lives, and reach our optimum level.


Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies issue (March 2017) is now available online at as well as in app form via iTunes, and on newsstands beginning February 21. 


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