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DNAFit for Wellness

A holistic approach to health, fitness and nutrition that’s entirely unique to your genetic profile. Welcome to the era of personalisation.

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Nadia was blown away by how much she learnt about her body

Nadia was blown away by the amount of information that we include in our DNAFit reports and she learnt lots about herself which she was able to talk through in her complimentary consultation with the DNAFit Wellness Team.

Meet Nadia
Find out what works for your body

Don’t just survive, thrive!

Genetic testing for health, fitness and nutrition makes it possible for you to understand exactly what your body needs. Nurture your brain, body and belly with a personalised diet and training plan, to reach your wellness goals faster.

Of course, knowing your DNA profile is only useful when combined with actionable advice. Your DNAFit wellness coach supports you on your journey, to ensure that you get the most out of your genetic results.

You can learn from over 20 actionable genetic insights

See how your body responds to changes in your food and workout, including:

Optimal Diet Type & Nutritional Needs

Optimal Diet Type & Nutritional Needs

Lactose & Gluten Tolerance

Lactose & Gluten Tolerance

Caffeine & Alcohol Metabolisation

Caffeine & Alcohol Metabolisation

Genetic Stress Response

Genetic Stress Response

Optimal Training Type

Injury Risk & Recovery Profile

We’re changing lives one DNA sample at a time

DNAFit is on a mission to help everyone live a longer, healthier and happier life - by putting you in control of your health.

Just ten days after taking our at home DNA test, you’ll know which food choices to make, what exercises work best, and where to up your nutritional intake to meet your genetic needs.

Find out what your body needs to thrive

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Use this checklist to help you focus on looking after yourself

Our wellness team compiled a series of tips to help you nurture your brain, body and belly. These are the three foundational pillars to looking after yourself - by finding balance in all three areas, you’ll be better equipped to handle anything life throws at you.