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Improve Fitness with DNAfit

Take your training to the next level with a personalised diet and exercise plan based on your unique DNA profile.

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Leo is optimising his workout with DNAfit

Leo wants to learn how to take his training to the next level through adapting his workouts and nutrition based on his DNAfit results.

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Find out what works for your body

Find out what works for your body

Life is a battle between nature and nurture.

When it comes to your fitness, you can’t change your genetic response to nutrition, stress and exercise. You can, however, make simple lifestyle changes to leverage your genetic strengths.

Health Fit, our at home DNA test helps you identify what your body needs to perform at its peak.

Find out what works for your body

Learn from 40 actionable genetic reports

See how your body responds to various changes in diet and exercise, including:

Fat & Carb Sensitivity

Fat & Carb Sensitivity

Anti-oxidant & Omega 3 Need

Antioxidant & Omega-3 Need

Anti-oxidant & Omega 3 Need

Vitamin D Need

Vitamin D Need

Caffeine & Alcohol Metabolisation

Caffeine & Alcohol Metabolisation

Genetic Stress Response

We put the “personal” into training

Some people enjoy immediate success with training programmes while others can struggle to meet their goals. Often times this is because people are training and eating against their genetics, rather than with them.

DNA testing for diet and exercise prevents this, by eliminating trial and error from the equation. Follow personalised fitness advice, based on your unique genetic profile for faster, more sustainable results.

Don’t just get fit, get DNAfit!

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Download Fitness Hacks for Beginners

Often a few small lifestyle changes can greatly improve your results. Inside this guide, you’ll find expert advice from how to measure fitness to pre-workout and post-workout tips.

Inside the guide you’ll learn:

  • The risks of a sedentary lifestyle
  • The various types of fitness
  • Your body’s energy systems
  • How to set fitness goals for yourself
  • How to plan your training routine
  • How to measure and track your fitness
  • How to reduce your injury risk
  • Tips for recovery to optimise your training
  • Optimising your diet for better results
  • The role of sleep and stress in exercise
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