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Biohack with DNAfit

Leverage your body’s strengths to become the best possible version of yourself. We’ll help you optimise your lifestyle according to your genes.

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Dave Asprey discusses the benefits of DNA testing for biohackers

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Take personalised health to the next level

Take personalised health to the next level

With DNAfit, you’ll eliminate the guesswork from your health, fitness and nutrition regimen. Just 10 days after taking our at home DNA test you’ll know what works for your body–allowing you to biohack with the most accurate information possible.

Health Fit unlocks all your body’s secrets. Discover everything from your optimal diet and training type to your predisposition to good sleep quality, stress tolerance and more.

Take personalised health to the next level

Learn from over 20 actionable genetic insights

See how your body responds to changes in diet and exercise, including:

Optimal Diet Type

Optimal Diet Type

Optimal Diet Type

Fat & Carb Sensitivity

Power vs. Endurance Response

Sensitivities & Tolerances

Injury Risk & Recovery Profile

Stress & Sleep Response

Aerobic Trainability

Optimal Training Type

86% of DNAfit customers achieve their goals

DNAfit puts you in the driving seat whether you want to lose weight, build muscle or simply live healthier. And the best news? Research found that people following a genetically-matched wellness plan not only see faster results, but are able to sustain these results for a lifetime of change.

Become part of the 86%. #GetDNAfit

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Download the 5 Elements of Self-Optimisation

Alessandro merged 20 years of clinical experience with practical observations from his own research studies–all of which has been comprehensively researched, trialled, refined and analysed to produce a simple self-optimisation plan for you to follow.

Inside the guide you’ll learn:

  • The foundational pillars of good health
  • How much sleep you need for optimal performance
  • How to improve our sleep quality
  • How to avoid falling into the trap of a sedentary lifestyle
  • How to optimise your nutrition for improved well-being
  • How to strike a healthy work-life balance
  • The importance of effective stress management
  • How to synchronize your chronobiology
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