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Customised Exome Sequencing

Bring value to your upcoming research projects with the Prenetics Exome Sequencing service.

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Prenetics Exome Sequencing

What we do

An extremely efficient method of DNA analysis

Prenetics are proud to offer exome sequencing, allowing us to measure 31 million positions in DNA

The exome is estimated to encompass approximately 1% of the genome, yet contains approximately 85% of disease-causing mutations. Most of our knowledge about DNA is contained within this 1%, making exome sequencing affordable, accessible and highly effective.

What we do
What we do
What we do

The world’s lowest cost exome sequencing

A clinical grade service delivered at consumer grade pricing, we are able to uniquely customise our exome sequencing service to support all consumer health, medical and research needs.

All this can be delivered at the most competitive price on the market.

What we do

Testing for Polygenic and Monogenic diseases

The unique benefit of our exome sequencing is that it can measure for, not only Polygenic diseases, but also Monogenic diseases, allowing us to measure for 69 major diseases, 36 hereditary cancers and 163 carrier screen diseases.

What we do

Work with us collaboratively, within a 3 tier analysis

Option 1

Option 1

Access our raw data

Option 2

Option 2

Access 150 features and analysis that we can provide

Option 3

Option 3

Use our own bioinformatics team to narrow down information

Download the Prenetics Exome Sequencing Information Pack

Learn about the science and discover how our exome sequencing service can help you.

Inside the pack you’ll learn:

  • The science behind our exome sequencing service
  • How we can customise this service to meet your needs
  • The different built in polygenic and mongenic disease models
  • Our Hereditary Cancer Screen
  • The different possible cases for collaborative research
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