Find out why healthy nutrition is important for optimal wellness

Download the Beginner’s Guide to Healthy Nutrition to learn why we need certain macro and micronutrients in our diet, as well as learning about various different diets. You’ll also find out how even busy people can follow a healthy, balanced diet with pro tips for meal prep.

Healthy nutrition and a balanced diet are an important part of a healthy lifestyle.

You may be familiar with the saying “you are what you eat”. Well, it isn’t far from the truth. Our daily food choices affect our overall health and wellbeing - both in the short and long-term.

Eating too many of the wrong foods can lead to things like weight gain and chronic illness (such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease). Healthy food choices, on the other hand, give our bodies the fuel they need to thrive and fight off disease.

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Why you need a personalised approach to healthy nutrition

Why you need a personalised approach to healthy nutrition

In the past, fitness and nutrition plans were treated as a one-size-fits-all approach. However, we now know that very person’s body is unique. A balanced diet for you might not be well balanced for your next door neighbour.

Each of us processes macronutrients, micronutrients and toxins differently. One person may flourish on a medium to high carb diet, while another might need a low carb diet to control their weight. It all boils down to genetics.

Following a personalised nutrition plan helps you eat right for your genes. This not only leaves you feeling healthier in the long-term, but helps you achieve your health and wellness goals faster in the short-term.

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How genetics affect your health and fitness

Understanding your genetics can lead to better health and nutrition

Understanding your genetics empowers you to make healthier lifestyle choices, in accordance with your genetic makeup. Your DNA can tell you things such as:

  • What you can and can’t digest
  • How you absorb and metabolise nutrients
  • How you process toxins
  • How well you react to different types of exercise
  • Your tendency to gain weight

This allows you to achieve your health and wellness goals, and proactively prevent disease.

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Find a healthy diet plan that works for you

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DNAFit takes your diet and exercise routine from generic to genetic.

DNAFit teaches you how to eat right for your unique genetic profile

We’ll help you unlock your body’s secrets. Whether you want to know how to lose weight faster or simply want to eat right for your body type - your DNA holds the answers. You’ll be assigned a dedicated wellness coach to develop your individual nutrition guide, according to both your genetics and food preferences.

Take a look at how DNAFit can help transform your wellness journey, with a healthy, balanced diet plan tailored to fit in with your lifestyle.

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