The results of the DNAFit Sweet Abs Challenge

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After six weeks of competition (and the DNAFit South Africa team trying their best to stay in shape right before the festive period) the #DNAFitSweetAbChallenge is finally over. Here’s a round-up of our results

Six weeks ago, our wellness team challenged DNAFit South Africa to developing a set of washboard Summer Abs. If you missed our post on what the #DNAFitSweetAbChallenge is all about, you can catch up here.

The challenge was made up of two parts:

If you’ve been eagerly waiting for the results of the challenge, here they are...


Here’s what we learnt during the #DNAFitSweetAbChallenge

After the initial benchmarking stage of seeing where everyone’s fitness was currently at, 6 weeks later we saw fantastic positive results across the board with the averages improving exponentially.

The whole team experienced the importance of following a healthy balanced diet and a regular training programme.


The final results showed


At DNAFit, we measured everyone on the following criteria:


Summary of the final overall results


The winners of the challenge were Jotika Behari (Risk Management) and Phiwo Gumede (Sports Scientist)

 DNAFit is committed to long-term sustainable fitness and nutrition. The aim of this challenge was to show that:


Did you participate in our #DNAFitSweetAbChallenge?

We want to know if you participated in the #DNAFitSweetAbChallenge…

Take a picture of yourself eating healthy, cutting out that sugar, or planking and developing those abs and we’ll feature you on DNAFit. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #DNAFitSweetAbChallenge so we know where to find you!


Want to get involved?

If you want to improve your own fitness and nutrition right in time for the holiday season then follow our step-by-step guides that require only the slightest lifestyle adaptations for maximum results. We’ve already seen how everyone at DNAFit has improved their own health and now it’s your turn!


Download our list of sugar to avoid

Download Food List


Download our planking exercise training plan 

Download Exercise List

Now, this doesn’t mean to say that we’re quite done with staying fit and healthy… We’ve got many more challenges coming up in the new year (watch this space)!


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