Londoners, eating a healthy meal out just got a whole lot easier!

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GPS – the tech that’s tailoring training

Although many professional teams have used GPS devices during training to monitor training loads and the fitness levels of their players, the sport will now join a host of others including rugby, Australian and American football, allowing teams to collect pin-point performance data during competitive matches. So how does it work?

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DNAFit, a British Life Sciences Company, was named the Market Gravity Innovation Award winners at the 2015 National Business Awards gala dinner ceremony, held at the Grosvenor House Hotel on Park Lane. This award recognises all forms of successfully applied innovation, from new products and services to a culture of improvement, and celebrates the ideas that have had the greatest impact on an organisation or industry.

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DNAFit is shortlisted for Cutting Edge Sport Award at BTSIA

DNAFit, who recently won Innovation of the Year in the prestigious 2015 Lloyds Bank National Business Awards for their genetic test that helps people improve their athletic training with genetic data, is shortlisted for the Cutting Edge award, in association with Loughborough University London.

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Craig Pickering's Sports Science Review 2015 - Part 2

Welcome back to my Sports Science Review of 2015, yesterday we looked at some of my favourite findings in sports science from this year. If you missed it, take a look here. Today we're rounding up, looking at the latest findings in these areas: The ACTN3 Gene, Ice Baths, Stretching and Can You Outrun a Bad Diet?

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Craig Pickering's Sports Science Review 2015 - Part 1

Welcome to Part 1 of my review of the best sports science research in 2015. Note – by best, obviously I mean most interesting to me. Sports science is a large field, and can creep over into other disciplines also. Conducting a review on all the sports science-based research conducted in 2015 would be very time consuming, so just take this as it is. That said, hopefully this provides a nice overview of some contemporary issues in sports science at the moment.

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Alcohol and Exercise – Will you jeopardise your training by drinking?

in medium to large amounts and in close proximity to training, yes more than likely! As always there is slightly more to consider. Alcohol (ethanol) is both a drug and a nutrient (providing 7 kcal per gram), however it is not an essential part of the diet. Alcohol has effects across a wide variety of systems within the body, but for the context of this article I will focus on the effects of alcohol on training and recovery.

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Can exercise alter your DNA?

Whether or not we ride a bike, go running or hiking does not cause changes in the DNA sequence of our cells. But what does exercising do to our body so we grow more muscles and loose extra weight? Recent studies have even showed that exercising positively affects our cognitive abilities. What is happening inside our body and inside our cells when we exercise?

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Can sleep be essential for your workout?

Our brain is very dependent on sleep. For many years, scientists have been wondering why sleep is necessary, and why it is essential for us to function. During the day our brains work hard, sending a lot of impulses through the nervous system and between our synapses. These impulses are essential even for basic activities like walking and breathing. But can sleep also have more impact on our bodies and our training?

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Does Caffeine Improve Performance?

Coffee is one of the most widely consumed drinks in the world, mostly because of one ingredient – caffeine. When we’re feeling tired, we often reach for the coffee pot, and that’s because caffeine has the ability to wake us up, making Monday morning slightly more tolerable. This fact has not been lost on sports people, who for years have been using caffeine in the hope that it can improve their sporting performance.

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Is coffee really the best way to wake up?

That morning coffee – many of us can’t really live without. We get cranky without our daily caffeine fix. It’s a habit a lot of us have. In fact, British Coffee Association recently stated that in the UK we drink a whopping 70 million cups of coffee a day. It’s more or less the equivalent of 7 Olympic size pools. We consume a lot of that black miracle-worker. It wakes us up, makes us feel human in the morning and tastes pretty good too. But what effect does caffeine actually have on our body?

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