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You’re not the same as everybody else, so why follow everybody else’s diet?

Meet Gemma. Gemma is DNAFit. And feeling great.

Gemma cut the fad diets and started eating, exercising and thinking the right way for her body, and we helped her do it.

She uncovered her unique dietary needs and intolerances, and made long-term sustainable change to live the best lifestyle for her.

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'Why trial and error in the gym when you can focus on what you know will work best?'


'So I swabbed my mouth n sent this off yesterday. I'm super excited to get my results and put the advice in to practice.'


'DNAFit kitime en sonunda kavustum! Sonuclarimi heyecanla bekliyorum!'


'More DNAFit signups! Lovely to meet such happy faces!'


'New Year new start. Trying new DNA knowledge to see how it benefits the post Xmas slim down.'

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No more one size fits all training plans, no more cookie-cutter diets. This is why we created DNAFit in the first place, and this is why we’re still the market leader today - we use our simple saliva swab to help you unlock what’s been inside you all along.

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Now it's your turn - this is how it works

1. Get your DNAFit Kit

Order your DNAFit kit today and we'll get your kit sent out straight away. Use our simple saliva test at home (or anywhere!) and send it back to our UK laboratory - we take care of the postage. *

2. Unlock your results

We analyse your sample at our laboratory and generate your reports in only 10 business days from receipt of your sample.

3. Optimise your training plan

Using our easy to understand actionable reports, we help you refine your exercise and nutrition plan to pursue your goals, whatever they may be.

4. Be

With unparalleled knowledge of your genetic response, you become better informed than ever before. Don’t just get fit, get DNAFit.

* Postage free of charge within Canada only.

Cutting-edge science, taken seriously.

We adhere to a strict scientific standard, underpinned by our industry leading code of practice, so you know the information you’re getting is the best there is.

Genetics is only one part of the picture, so we never overstate the application of genetics in the real world. The value comes from understanding your genetic profile in conjunction with your goals, lifestyle and environment - the whole picture.

This measured approach is wyh we’re the mostrespected provider of fitness and nutrition genetics worldwide, and it’s the reason customers such major health gyms, professional sports teams and even the military put their confidence in DNAFit.

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