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Prevention is key. Discover how your DNA can impact your long-term health.

Understanding your genetic risk of developing certain cancers, diseases and other health conditions helps you to take control of your and your family’s health through early detection and preventative lifestyle interventions.

350+ reports, including:

  • Cancer Screening
  • Common Health Risks
  • Family Planning
  • Dementia & Brain Health
  • Disease Risk
  • Drug Responses
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Eat, sleep, workout and de-stress according to your DNA.

Discover how your DNA can help personalise your diet and nutrition choices, and optimise your workouts with our in-depth genetic insights. Learn how your body responds to stress, as well as your genetic chronotype for the perfect night’s sleep.

80+ reports, including:

  • Diet
  • Nutrition
  • Sport & Fitness
  • Stress & Sleep
  • Wellbeing
  • Pollution
  • Skin
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Who you are today is a result of thousands of years and of DNA migration & interactions.

Learn where in the world your ancestors come from and how your unique genetic profile came to be. Whether it’s physical traits you can see or hidden traits you can’t, your DNA holds even more information than you ever imagined.

50+ reports, including:

  • Ancestry
  • Success Traits
  • Behavioural Traits
  • Physical Traits
  • Personality Traits
  • Gender Traits
  • Music & Dance
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Optimal Diet & Macronutrient Response

The World’s Most Comprehensive Test

Discover 500+ reports across 20 categories

Personalised Nutrient Needs

Fast Results

Receive your results in ~18 business days

Food Sensitivities & Intolerances

Complimentary 1-1 Consultation

Speak with our genetics-trained health professionals

Optimal Exercise Response

99.9% Analytical Accuracy Externally Validated

Tests validated by the Croucher Laboratory of Human Genomics

Injury & Recovery Profile

Private and Secure

Your data is never sold or shared. Leading ISO-27001 data security standard

Discover your risk of developing cancer and other diseases and conditions.

Circle’s cancer risk determines whether or not you carry inherited genetic mutations that may increase your risk of developing cancer. Having an early awareness of your genetic predisposition towards certain cancers can hugely impact your long-term health, by allowing you to create a personalised plan designed to help prevent or detect cancer at an earlier and more treatable stage.

Along with cancer, we report on how your genetics may impact your risk of developing certain diseases and health conditions, including obesity, type II diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, IBS, and many more.

If you’re pregnant or thinking about starting a family, our reports will provide genetic insights on whether you and your partner carry inherited conditions that mass be passed down to your children.

Our reports provide you with information and tools that help your understanding of your risks, as well as how you can take preventable measures now to avoid these diseases manifesting later in life.

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Cancer Screening

Discover your genetic risk to 36 types of cancer, including Breast cancer, Prostate cancer and Skin Basal Cell cancer. (36 reports)

Common Health Risks

Learn your genetic risk of developing a common health condition, such as type II diabetes, obesity and heart disease. (8 reports)

Family Planning

Assess your carrier status across 157 hereditary conditions, including Cystic Fibrosis, Sickle Cell disease and Alpha Thalassemia. (163 reports)

Dementia & Brain Health

Plan, prepare and protect your future by understanding your genetic risk of dementia and other brain conditions, such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. (8 reports)

Disease Risk

Learn your genetic risk of developing a common disease, including Anxiety disorder, IBS and HDL cholesterol levels. (65 reports)

Drug Response

The same medication can affect each person differently. Discover how your body will respond to 103 FDA-approved medications. (103 reports)

Optimise your lifestyle choices to achieve your health and wellness goals.

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach to diet and nutrition. With Circle, we’ll help you discover your unique nutrigenetic profile, from an in-depth selection of personalised diet insights. We’ll help you optimise your health by providing easy-to-understand reports on how your body responds to different food groups and nutrients.

Take your exercise routine to the next level. With our award-winning fitness response genetic markers you’ll discover how to get the very best out of your workouts, putting the ‘personal’ in personal training.

Discover what your genes have to say about your skin - and what you may be able to do about it. By understanding your genetic predisposition to wrinkles, cellulite, acne, and other skin conditions, you can make more informed skincare choices.

Discover your genetic stress tolerance and predisposition towards better sleep quality. Learn how your genetics predispose you to being either a morning lark or night owl.

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Discover how to eat according to your genes. Learn how your body responds to carbs and fats to build your optimum diet type. Includes reports on sensitivities and intolerances, such as lactose intolerance and caffeine sensitivity. (19 reports)


Why follow the average advice, when you’re unique? Discover how your DNA can signal a raised need for certain vitamins & nutrients. (20 reports)

Sport & Fitness

Discover how to guide your workouts to get the best results, no matter your goal. Your DNA can help optimise your workouts by uncovering which genes affect traits like your exercise response, recovery, injury risk and more. (18 reports)

Stress & Sleep

Learn your genetic predisposition towards coping with stress and how your DNA affects your sleep. (8 reports)


Discover how your body works from the inside-out by understanding how your DNA affects each area of your wellbeing, including appetite control, metabolic response and bone mineral density. (7 reports)


Understand your risk towards certain pollutants, such as environmental, secondhand smoke, and dust allergy, so you can manage your exposure. (5 reports)


Learn your skin’s genetic strengths and weaknesses to develop a personalised skincare routine to combat skin ageing, stretch marks, cellulite and other skin conditions. (14 reports)

Learn about your ancestry and the personal traits that are unique to you.

All human beings share a common heritage in Africa, but your own ancestral threads became unique and distinct as your ancestors began to migrate. With our ancestry analysis, you can discover which parts of the world make up 100% of you.

Your likelihood of success in life could be written in your DNA. There is increasing evidence to show that the best predictor of your life’s success isn’t just linked to your environment (e.g. upbringing) but to your genetic make up, too.

Circle aims to provide you with individual, insightful perspectives to help you realise and achieve your full potential. Explore reports to see how your genes may have influenced a range of appearance, behavioural, sensory and personal traits.

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Discover your origins, reconnect with your roots and explore the combination of geographic regions in the world your ancestors come from. (15 reports)

Success Traits

Learn the success traits that make you better at language, with numbers, and that can help determine your aptitude for intelligence and tendency towards entrepreneurship. (9 reports)

Behavioural Traits

Understand your genetic predispositions in your behaviour for traits such as, alcohol, smoking and food addiction. (5 reports)

Physical Traits

Discover interesting physical traits that make you, you, including sweat tendency, pain sensitivity and waist circumference. (13 reports)

Personality Traits

Learn about your genetic personality traits from reports that include agreeableness, extraversion and neuroticism. (5 reports)

Gender Traits

Find out more about the gender genetic traits that affect your sex hormones, breast size, and tendency towards infidelity. (4 reports)

Music & Dance

Aspects of musical talent are built into our genes, explaining why certain individuals are better than others are holding a note or recognising rhythms. (2 reports)

How much better is Circle?

31,000,000 Data Points

Heard of 23andMe? Circle covers more than 50x more data! This means no more false results and far deeper levels of information.

500+ Genetic Reports

Thanks to Circle’s Whole Exome technology, you’ll discover more than would have ever been possible in any other DNA test on the market.

World-leading Data Protection

Circle uses gold standard security protocols to keep your data safe. With ISO27001 data management standards, you can rest assured we treat your data with the respect it deserves.

The Circle test for genetic mutations is unquestionably useful and accurate, provided you understand what it means.

Circle is highly responsible in the advice it gives clients on how to respond to its findings.

David Aaronovitch

Billed as the world’s most comprehensive DNA test
in the world.

A cheek swab gets you a tonne of personalised data, from diet to stress and sleep, to help you optimise yourself.

Holly Brockwell

Circle is already transforming users’ lives

Kristina and Sara

“Health and wellness has always been an important part of our lives so it’s really exciting to see how CircleDNA can help people to make a positive change on their health. We found out so much about ourselves from our CircleDNA results and it was so interesting to compare our results as we actually have a lot of similarities!”

Angela Foster

“I am really looking forward to getting my CircleDNA results to learn more about myself. Am I scared of what it might show? No, because knowing my risk factors will give me greater control over my environment and lifestyle to reduce my risk. With a strong family history of diabetes and chronic kidney disease, knowing my DNA will empower me to make the changes and change the trajectory of my genetic outcomes.”

Alex Chisnall

“When you start a business, an entrepreneur’s health is often the first thing to go. But it’s the most important thing. CircleDNA is a great way to help people optimise their health, especially with regards to their exercise and nutrition. When you’re running a business it’s extremely important to focus on your wellness and nutrition as this will have a beneficial effect on your immunity and when running a company you don’t want to be getting ill all the time.”

DNAfit vs. Circle

Why we’re offering you this special edition upgrade

Lab technology Gene Array Whole Exome
DNA analysed 1500 data points >31 million data points
Reports 40 reports 500 reports
Categories 4 categories 20 categories
Coaching Health Coach Health Coach + Genetic Counselling
Sports & Fitness
Stress & Sleep
Cancer Risk
Common Health Risk
Family Planning
Dementia & Brain Health
Disease Risk
Drug Response
Physical Traits
Personality Traits
Behavioural Traits
Success Traits
Gender Traits
Music & Dance
Pollution Response

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  • Manage you and your families results

Learn more about yourself than ever before

Every possible genetic insight, all in one simple test


15 reports


20 reports

Sports & Fitness

18 reports

Stress & Sleep

8 reports


7 reports


5 reports


14 reports

Success Traits

9 reports

Music & Dance

2 reports


1 reports

Physical Traits

12 reports

Gender Traits

4 reports

Behavioural Traits

5 reports

Personality Traits

5 reports

Common Health Risks

8 reports

Disease Risk

65 reports

Dementia & Brain Health

6 reports

Cancer Risk

36 reports

Family Planning

157 reports

Drug Response

103 reports

DNAfit CEO Avi Lasarow presenting Circle Premium to UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson

DNAfit CEO Avi Lasarow presenting Circle Premium to UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson

World leading innovation

Circle is brought to you by the award winning team behind DNAfit.

We’ve been privileged to present our innovative technologies to leading clinical boards, ministries of health and to heads of state.

Now we’re making the most accurate and cutting edge technology, Whole Exome Sequencing, available to our users at an incredible price.

Fast Companies Queens Award Board of Trade Winner 2018

Meet the Circle ChangeMakers

Our ChangeMakers have made a pledge to optimise their life, with unparalleled insight.

Roger Snipes - Elite Fitness Coach

My CircleDNA results showed that I am genetically predisposed to stress, after speaking with the genetic counsellor I was informed that although a person can have neurotic genetic traits you can choose to be something else through lifestyle practices. Because of the choices I make in life I have adopted a healthier way of living which helps to keep stress at bay.

Bryan Habana - International Rugby Player

In a world of over 7.5 billion people... Do you know what makes you uniquely you? My CircleDNA results have helped me to go even deeper into my genetic make-up to understand what makes me who I am today. When I look back on my career I can puzzle pieces together, for example, my DNA results show how I was able to recover so quickly especially after injuries.

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