What is coeliac disease?

When you suffer from coeliac diseases, your body has an adverse reaction to food containing gluten. Coeliac disease is one of the afflictions that affects around about 1% of the human population but is still largely undiagnosed due to a variety of reasons, which you'll find out about in the Infographic below.

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Our relationship with food, the source of life, is complicated and has been throughout history. 

Science around the disease has grown over the years but there is still more research that needs to be done in order to make the lives of people living with it more comfortable.

Find out more about how proper diagnosis is necessary and by restricting your diet, if you suffer from coeliac disease, can serve to produce many health benefits.

We’ve done the research in order to provide insight into the history of coeliac disease, the misconceptions surrounding it and why it is necessary that more people know about it. 

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