How to get the most out of DNAFit's Elevate platform

Reaching your fitness goals can be difficult if you're just starting out and have never stepped foot in a gym before or regularly lifted weights with the intention of building muscle or losing weight. Fortunately DNAFit's Elevate (our online training platform) is here to help.

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What makes it even more problematic is that, after receiving your DNAFit results, you’ll find that you’ll also fall on the scale of being either a power or endurance responder to exercise.

Elevate is a key component as it allows you to train the right way while cutting out the guesswork.

H2 A brief summary of fitness and genetics

As stated before, you will find that your training intensity response will be unique to your genotype.

What does this mean?

Power responders are people who see better results when they do less reps during their sets at a higher weight.

Endurance responders are people who see better results when they do more reps during their sets at a lower weight.

And lastly, mixed responders fall somewhere in between and have the ability to alternate between the two.

Depending on your genetics, you can structure your training to suit your genes to see maximum results, which will help you to achieve your goals faster. This would mean that if you are a power responder you would do the majority of your sets at a higher weight with lower reps to see the best gains, and vice versa.

And this is where the idea of Elevate was formulated; to give you the tools you need to combine your genetics with actionable training modalities that will assist you when exercising.

H2 What is DNAFit’s Elevate platform

Elevate, our online training platform, that aims to educate you and make it easier to reach your goals by building your fitness up, whatever your level.

It is one of the reasons why DNAFit is one of the best DNA testing companies for health and fitness, as we realise that after you have done the test there is still a need that exists for people to make their results actionable in their daily lives.

What sets Elevate apart from other online training platforms is that it combines with your genetic results. Depending on your power/endurance profile, Elevate gives you exercises that are matched to your genetic results so that you are training to your genes.

H2 Benefits of DNAFit Elevate

The key benefit of Elevate is that it is matched to the results of your DNA test, but there are a number of key reasons why Elevate is the best online training programme for you:

·      Choose between either Fat Burner or Muscle Builder depending on your goals

·      A wide range of instructional videos and tutorials that show you how to do exercises

·      You select the days that you want to train

·      Track your progress throughout the 100 days of training

·      You’ll receive friendly reminders to keep you motivated

·      Choose whether you want to train at home or at the gym and the exercises will be tailored to this

H2 Who can access DNAFit Elevate?

Elevate is available to customers who have purchased Diet Fitness Pro 360. You simply have to log in to the portal, follow the steps and start your 100 days of training today.

H2 Why choose DNAFit?

As genetics gains popularity, it pays to choose a company with robust science and the commitment to helping you get the most out of your results. For us, the test is just the beginning.

 With DNAFit, you’ll have everything you need, right at your fingertips:

·      Genetic diet and fitness reports

·      Your own personal health coach

·      The DNAFit app with live chat support

·      Genetically-matched training programmes

·      Personalised meal plans and recipes

·      DNAFit’s dedicated research and development team - one simple test for a lifetime of ongoing discovery and change!

Read more about how we can help you achieve your health, fitness and nutrition goals:

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