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Take your 23andMe results to the next level. Unlock your genetic potential in health and fitness.

For just USD 79 get our award-winning DNAFit Fitness Diet Pro reports.

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Receive full report of 47 pages. Displayed is an infographic summary.

Discover how your DNA affects 18 categories related to your diet, nutrition and exercise.

No more short-term diets, no more workout fads. Eat, exercise and live healthier accordingly to your DNA.

Diet Type Recommendation
Carbohydrate Response
Saturated Fat Response
Lactose Tolerance
12-week Recipe Guide
Genotype Specific Shopping List
Detoxification Genetics
Anti-Oxidant Need
Omega-3 Need
Vitamin B Need
Vitamin D Need
Alcohol Sensitivity
Caffeine Sensitivity
Salt Sensitivity
Power/Endurance Response
Sports Injury Resilience
Recovery Speed
Recovery Nutrition Needs
Aerobic (Vo2 Max) Potential
Fitness Genotype Breakdown

No saliva needed. Get your results, instantly.

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Enjoy a complimentary 30-minute phone consultation to review your results.

  • Speak to a trained dietitian or fitness coach
  • Optimise your diet and training based on your DNA
  • Access your personalised 12 week diet and training program

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Craid Pritchard

DNAFit has helped me to significantly...

Verified Order

DNAFit has helped me to significantly improve my diet and tailor my training to help me achieve my health and athletic goals. I can eat some things, milk, e.g., that I had been avoiding, and cut out some things, wheat, e.g., that I had been eating. I've noticed major reductions in inflammation and sinus congestion as well as faster recovery from workouts. I've also adjusted my training plan to allow me the amount of recovery time from workouts that I actually need which has allowed me to improve my race times almost 4% in the last 4 months. Previously, I had plateaued and suffered from constant fatigue.


DNAFit is the best on the market!

Verified Order

DNAFit is an amazing tool to truly understand how you should eat and how you should train for maximum results. For years I ate and trained in a certain way as per many personal trainers’ advice. Until I tested my DNA, I realised I wasn’t reaching my potential. Post test I had experts who walked me through my results and gave me a plan I could follow. Within months I lost stubborn fat I couldn’t lose training hard 5 times a week! I now only train 3-4 times a week, eat the right foods as per my genetics and I’m in my best every shape! Thank you to all the team who have supported me!


This has been an amazing experience

Verified Order

This has been an amazing experience. The people involved are fantastic and very helpful. The whole process has been very professional and they definitely underpromise and over deliver in their services. The changes that have come from these detailed reports have forever changed my life for the better. I now have a better insight into how to fuel my body the perform at my peak and maintain my fitness and health to live a healthier and fuller life.

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