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Face it, most of our lives are so busy that we struggle to find time to train, but there's hope for you yet! Here are a few ways to fit some valuable exercise in with your schedule.

How busy are you every day? And what can you do to fit training into your day?

In the world today there are so many external factors that take up a lot of time in everyone’s day-to-day activities. Work, kids, friends, and more work, are just some of the reason why everyone is so busy, while not including any sort of fitness regime in their lives.

 Obesity is on the rise and many people suffer from health problems that could be avoided if a premium was placed on any sort of daily exercise. This isn’t telling you to become a bodybuilder or a marathon runner, but ways to maintain some sort of daily fitness so that you don’t fall victim to unavoidable issues that arise from a sedentary lifestyle.

1.     Add it to your schedule

 It may be a mission, and you may not want to do this, but it’s for your own good. And these days you don't have to physically write it down in a diary and have to remember to open it up at the end of every day (what a drag, right).

No, with the advent of technology, you can simply input your busy schedule into your smartphone, making it much easier to manage your life in the palm of your hand. As soon as the notification goes off, you’ll also feel obligated to get some exercise in, especially because you shouldn't have anything else planned at that moment in time. 


2.     Limit social media and television time

A lot of people complain about not having enough time to work out and keep fit, but how much time do you spend transfixed by screens throughout the day? If you’re anything like the average person, then “quite a lot” is an appropriate response. 

Exercise is all about getting into routine, staying motivated, and being dedicated. You shouldn't be letting hours of television and Facebook get in the way of caring for your body. Sure, you can spend a little time on it, but showing some restraint and making an effort to get into the gym or go for that run will be way more beneficial.


3.     Stay active all the time

This is a seriously revolutionary idea that will change your sedentary lifestyle for the better. Gym too far? Not feeling the outdoors today for that run? No problem. You can do everything indoors while watching your favourite show!

Think about it, if you simply stay active all of the time then you’ll start creating this mentality and culture within yourself to want to do more, more often. This can be as small as getting a pair of kettlebells and doing lunges in front of the tv, or getting a few squats in when waiting for the bath to run. Also, making sure to take the stairs and even walking more briskly is a great way to begin.


4.     Get active on dates

Where are your significant other and you going tonight? Dinner? Movies? Out drinking and enjoying each other’s company? All of those are great date ideas but what if you looked at things a little differently. 

Some of us need a partner to get motivated…so why not suggest a date where you spend the day hiking in a beautiful part of your country? Or pick a fun sport like squash, or indoor rock climbing that you can do together? The endorphins that you’ll feel rushing through your body will beat any classy dinner and you’ll be staying active together.


5.     Wake up earlier

We all love to sleep, and it’s crucial to get enough hours in to promote a healthy lifestyle. But this doesn't mean you have to stay up late every single night zoning into the latest season of Grey’s, waking up mere minutes before you’re meant to leave for work.

Imagine how much more you can with your day if you woke up and got going an hour and a half earlier? Think of all the things you could do! Training in the morning gets you ready for the upcoming day, and you’ll feel as though you’ve already achieved something. Wake up, get fit, and reap the rewards.


6.     At-home bodyweight training

One of the main reasons why people feel as though they’re too busy to train is because there’s a lot of admin to take into account. You have to drive to the gym, you have to wear appropriate clothes, and you still have errands to run.

An amazing thing about exercise is that it can be done in many shapes and forms, and doesn't require a membership card. There are a host of bodyweight exercises you can do, for only a few minutes a day, in the comfort of your home. Dedicating even a small amount of time is better than anything and as you get stronger you’ll find that you’ll want to challenge yourself more.


7.     Use the power of new technology – tracking, fitness apps

So, we already covered organising your life on your smartphone with a schedule, but there are even more ways that technology can help you track your progress and stay motivated to achieve realistic goals.

The world is awash with tracking technology and fitness apps that use your own personal data and set you daily benchmarks that you can achieve. Sticking to these apps will allow you to achieve daily goals, eat better, and make progress. Before you know it, you’ll be a fitness fanatic.


8.     Build a support crew

Actually dragging yourself to the gym and going through the motions is one thing, but doing it alone is even harder. Occasionally, it’ll be difficult to motivate yourself and it’s easy to make excuses when you’ve only got yourself to answer to.

That’s what friends are for. You all should want to look better, and feel healthy so why not ridicule each other to the point where everyone wants to dedicate some time to training. Align your schedules and watch how much better sessions become, and how the guilt keeps everyone coming back until it’s second nature.


9.     Optimise recovery

One thing that clearly isn’t taken into account is your need for recovery time. Training also gets in the way of a busy life because if you train too hard, too often, you’ll feel demotivated throughout the day with aches and strains.

That’s why you need to remember to always recover adequately. Eat the right foods, only train hard three times a week, with more chilled sessions twice, and you’ll find that it’s easier to cope with day-to-day stress.

‘Busy’ is just another excuse. Yes, some of us are busier than others, but it doesn't mean that it’s impossible to dedicate time to exercise. Life is stressful and if you let all those things that are making you busy consume your life, then you won’t be able to release any of it. Exercise is a fantastic method of stress release, and once you’re dedicated to any sort of routine you’ll feel much healthier and happier.





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