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Christmas is around the corner and we all know what it means – food, drink and some quality time with friends and family. We’d be lying to ourselves if we said that we don’t eat and drink way too much over Christmas – pretty sure everybody does it. And it’s a very ok thing to do (in moderation of course). There’s nothing wrong with treating holidays like they’re one big cheat day – you deserve it. There’s so much temptation around you that resitting it is very likely to just stress you out. So here’s few tips on how to actually enjoy Christmas without feeling guilty (and also without completely ruining your workout)


  • If you see something on the menu that you want, eat it
  • Don’t refuse a cocktail day out with your friends, the company and positive energy is all you need right now
  • Sneak in an extra snack, a guilty pleasure, every few days, the world won’t end, we promise
  • Refuse to feel guilty

The thing is, once the holiday is over quicker than it started, you’ll be settling back into your routine and things will settle back to normal. That little bit of excess won’t be detrimental to your health goals, and you’ll probably find yourself looking back at everything you refused during the holidays as a missed opportunity.

Make the holiday season your biggest ‘cheat’, and come back more determined to kill your goals and stick to your resolutions.

Finally, what would this blog post be without us keeping you in mind. You’re a healthy, active person who wants to let loose but still wants to stick to the plan. Here are a few ways to keep things relatively healthy, while still enjoying yourself:


  • Stay focused on the size of your portions, which allows you to indulge, but not overindulge
  • Choose foods that taste great and are healthy: there are so many, sweet potatoes, salmon, nuts, and spinach are just some foods that are great for you that you can eat for days
  • Everything in moderation. You already know how to restrict yourself, so just apply those principles to moderating how much alcohol you drink, or un healthy foods you eat
  • Again, don't feel guilty! Guilty amounts to stress, and stress, well, means that you may eat to cope. Living stress-free will have you looking and feeling great


The fact is, you’ll soon be back in the gym daily and back to your usual nutrition plan.. The holidays are simply a time to enjoy life, so do what feels right to you, but don't miss out because you stick with that restrictive mindset you’ve had all year.  


Christmas Nutrition Diet


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