Transform yourself this Halloween with these monstrous exercises that'll help you burn away the excess and reach a new level of getting scary fit.

The witching hour is close at hand and no matter what your age is you must be thinking of how you’re going to burn off all that trick ‘r treat candy and the rest of the excess that goes with a Halloween night.

Whether you’re planning on staying inside and watching scary movies all night, munching on sweets and popcorn, or if you’re going out dressed up ready to party, we know that when you’ve got your costume on that you can stray away from your health goals.

But not to worry!

We’ve put together the toughest exercises for you to challenge yourself with and keep in shape and on track, looking forward to the new year and kickstarting your 2019 resolutions early (yes, the year is almost over, can you believe it!?)

 All tricks, no treats!

If you can conquer these, you can conquer your fears and scare the living daylights out of your friends and family when you show them how you’ve transformed yourself.



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