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The weather is getting better and you might start to feel like going to the gym might be waiting of the valuable time in the sun. Well why not take your workout outside? Have a look at our latest blog for some outdoor workout inspiration.

Outdoor Gym Circuit Training

Outdoor gyms have cropped up and if you know how to utilize them properly, can be a great alternative to a regular gym, with some time spent in the great outdoors with the crisp spring breeze flowing through you. The focus here is on bodyweight where you will strengthen your core and get to know your body a bit better. Once you have mastered the techniques, you will need to add weights to progress.


Bungee Jumping

For something a little more fun than usual, bungee jump workout classes engage your core muscles by employing resistance training into normal movements. You’ll fly high in the air and perform manoeuvres that would be impossible without the bungee cord. It’s a high intensity workout that fuses aspects of dance and aerobics and even allows you to work out upside down to improve strength all over.


Stand Up Paddle Boarding

If you stay close to a body of water, then you should try this as your next workout. Stand up paddle boarding has been found to be a full body workout as every one of your muscles are engaged at some point. It also improves you balance with the need to stay upright, and the calming movement as you glide through the water reduces stress. As you increase the intensity of the workouts, it will also be of high benefit to your cardiovascular health and endurance. So, next time you’re going to the lake, ditch the jetski and paddle board your way to improved health.


Action Sports  

You can choose from nearly everything, including football, netball, and cricket. The social aspect of these sports cannot be overlooked as you’ll meet friends and with the competitive edge you’ll be motivated to try harder. It requires a high level of endurance and stamina and will improve your balance, co-ordination, and skillset.


Trail Running

If you’re normally confined to running on the streets or on an indoor track, then next time you’re planning your next run consider getting out in nature and go trail running. The courses are more unpredictable and exciting because you’re outdoors, and you’ll get a newfound enthusiasm for running while looking across beautiful landscapes, taking your mind off the intense workout you’re putting your body through.



Kayaking is another exciting way to get out and about with an intense workout, while battling against the elements of rushing water, that’ll test you in a completely new way. Not only will you be using your upper body strength, but most of the skill involves requires you to rotate your torso and use your leg muscles to maintain balance. The challenge of navigating new aspects of a river and passing through obstacles make it a great way to counteract daily stress too.


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Receive our FREE 14-day guide, direct to your inbox, on how genetics impact every aspect of fitness and nutrition.