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Nutrion Trends 2017

Posted 446 Days Ago in: Nutrition


The food industry is a giant in the world today, but it still needs to innovate according to people’s tastes, likes, and dislikes, not to mention contending with damaging relationships via social media where you could wake up in the morning and find your brand plastered all over Facebook. So, in 2017, we think that everyone’s got a little better at being savvy, finding new ways to attract customers and ensure that the hive mind of healthy living and healthy eating is satiated throughout the year. We investigated trends that have been growing for a while now, and bring you a few ideas about what 2017 is going to mean for people and big business, but, in short, it’s all about value and quality.


Sustainability is a worldwide imperative as we all attempt to lower our carbon footprint and take care of the world that we all live in. And this is why chefs around the world aren’t chucking away their offcuts anymore. And are aiming to heal the world, rather than harm it.

There is a focus, in 2017, on making more out of less. This means using everything from vegetables – roots, stems, and all, and devouring smaller fish like anchovies and sardines, in a bid to help make a mark on the world food crisis. 

Research = Freedom

Expect people to not take everything at face value. Rather, they'll be using everything at their disposal to ensure that they know exactly what they should be eating, when, and how, in order to be their healthiest self. This is also linked to the growing trend of personalisation, where we are taking everything from an individual perspective, eating what’s right for us.

Personalised nutrition

We might be biased in here but we think that what you eat is going to become even more personal.

More and more people realise that healthy food means different things for different people and in order to meet all nutritional needs, we need to personalise our diet.

So is 2017 finally going to be the year we’re going to ditch the idea of miracle diets that work for everyone? Maybe not completely, but we’d like to think we’re getting there.

Insta-Ready Foods

Frustrating for some, but alluring for others, the fact is that people have become obsessed with taking the perfect photo of their meal – and then obviously posting it to Instagram with a filter.

In 2017, they want to make it even easier, where you’ll find food prepared that could feature in the most expensive restaurant of your dreams – all for the sake of Instagram. Expect to be astounded by food that you can eat, even though it looks too good to take a bit out of, but don't forget to snap a shot before.

Ready to cook meals

We are stirring farther away from the ready meals. We dare you to find out how many of your health-conscious friends have eaten microwavable mac and cheese in the past couple of weeks.   

Ready meals might be on decline but we’re still busy, increasingly busy. This is when ready to cook meal boxes come into play. Companies like are taking the UK by storm by promising to deliver fresh ingredients with recipes for tasty and healthy meals you can make quickly in your own kitchen. 

And since cooking is becoming increasingly popular, we think this trend is going to become even bigger in 2017.

App Capability

In 2017, food is only a click away. Not only can you order produce online at competitive prices, but you can also get food delivered to your door all from the convenience of your smart phone.

2017 will see this taken to the next level, where you’ll be able to experience restaurants in real time, read reviews, see pictures of the food, and make choices based on what an app tells you. It’s a daunting task for food providers, but also gives the little guys the opportunity to get themselves out there and compete with the big guns.


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