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UK based genetics company DNAFit has received nominations within three separate categories for the upcoming Sports Technology Awards 2017, ahead of ceremony on May 4th. Launched in 2014, the Awards are judged by a panel of experts drawn from every aspect of the sports sector, with a focus on championing truly innovative and pioneering work in technology.

Nomination Shortlist Categories for DNAFit:

·       Best Technology for Managers and Coaches – Performance

·       Best Technology for Managers and Coaches – Athlete Welfare

·       Best-Integrated Digital Media – (DNAFit Elevate Platform)


An increasingly influential voice within the industry, the Sports Technology Awards 2017 saw global entries from more than 30 countries, spanning in excess of 70 different sports. The different category winners will be announced on Monday 4th May at the Roundhouse in London, in front of an audience consisting of senior industry figures, influencers and athletes.


Set up in 2013, DNAFit is a genetics company that reports on genetic markers related to fitness and nutrition, working with tens of thousands of consumers and elite level sportspeople and teams. Their revolutionary approach lifts cutting edge science out of the laboratory, and helps people understand how their individual DNA affects their response to exercise and nutrition changes.


Avi Lasarow, CEO of DNAFit said:

“We are extremely proud to receive shortlisting within three categories at the Sports Technology Awards 2017. The nominations reflect our commitment to not only develop technical solutions and products that genuinely help coaches and athletes unlock their true potential, but also to deliver that to wider consumers through the innovative Elevate platform. We look forward to the awards evening on May 4th which promises to be an inspiring celebration of the best pioneering work within sporting technology.” 


The nominations are the latest in a line of recent awards and shortlists for DNAFit. In February the UK based company was recognised by the Fast Company magazine as one of the Top 10 Most Innovative Companies within the Data Science sector, placed alongside the likes of global brands Spotify, Netflix and NASA. DNAFit has also been shortlisted in the “Cutting Edge Sport” category for the upcoming Sports Industry Awards, with the winners announced on April 27th.


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