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Best sources of Omega 3

Posted 374 Days Ago in: Nutrition


The consumption of omega-3s has reached an all-time high in the health world, and the importance of including fresh fish and nuts and seeds in your diet has seen many people changing their habits for the benefits. On reason this may be is because historically, we’ve seen that populations that consume the most omega-3 foods, like people in Okinawa, Japan, live longer and healthier lives than people who eat a standard diet low in omega-3s.


What is also important is that omega-3 foods are believed to help lower the risk for heart disease due to their inflammation-reducing abilities. They also are needed for proper neurological function, cell membrane maintenance, mood regulation and hormone production.

And if that wasn’t enough, studies show that “omega 3 fatty acids are essential in growth and development throughout the life cycle, they should be included in the diets of all humans. Omega-3 and omega 6 fatty acids are not interconvertible in the human body and are important components of practically all cell membranes.” So, even though omega-3s are essential, our bodies fail to produce enough of it, if any at all, and this is why we need to alter our eating habits to include foods that contain omega-3s. If there was any reason for you to start eating salmon sushi, this is it right now!


Best Sources

Omega-3 can be broken up into two groups: foods containing ALA and foods containing DHA and EPA. Below, we’ll take you through the foods that contain the most omega-3s per serving.  

Source (in grams)


Best for ALA


-       Eel (0.42)

-       Salmon (0.26)

-       Pecan nuts (0.29)

-       Walnuts (0.85)

-       Canola Oil (0.42)

-       Radish seeds (0.42)

-       Chia Seeds (1.9)

-       Flaxseed Oil (2.43)


Best for DHA and EPA


-       Caviar (1.96)

-       Mackerel (3.43)

-       Cod (0.79)

-       Salmon (1.61)

-       Canned sardines (1.05)

-       Fish oils (0.48 – 1.44)



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