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3602 Posted 5 Days Ago in: Training, Genetics

The Deep Squat and Alternatives

The squat is an important exercise for a number of reasons, but you don't always have to go as deep as you can, there are alternatives. We find out what these are and what you can do to optimise your workout.

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3601 Posted 10 Days Ago in: Genetics, Nutrition

Going Gluten Free

What happens to your body when you go gluten-free, and do you need to do this to stay healthy? We investigate!

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3599 Posted 12 Days Ago in: Training, Nutrition

Recovery Modalities

Recovery is an integral part of your workout as it allows your body to cope with the microtrauma that occurs after heavy bouts of exercises. Discover the best ways to recover after a workout.

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3598 Posted 17 Days Ago in: Nutrition

Everything About Collagen

Collagen is the new buzzword around the health and nutrition world in 2018, but do we really know what it is and why it is important to include in our diets? We tell you all about it!

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3597 Posted 19 Days Ago in: Training, Genetics

Home-Based HIIT Training

HIIT training involves short bursts of intense exercises over a period of time where you push your body to its limits, and you can even do them at home! Here's how.

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3596 Posted 22 Days Ago in: Nutrition

Healthiest Ways To Enjoy Easter

Easter is here and it's time to celebrate, but you still don't want to over do it. Here's how to win Easter this 2018!

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3594 Posted 26 Days Ago in: Training

Foam Rolling and Recovery - How To Do It

Foam rolling is an important part of your training routine as it minimises the negative effects of DOMS, stiffness and soreness following a workout. Find out in our latest blog how you should be using a foam roller to maximise the benefits.

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3593 Posted 31 Days Ago in: Nutrition

Avocado Oil: The Best Oil?

There's a lot of talk about how healthy avocado oil is but is there any truth to it, or is it a fad? We investigate in our latest blog

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3592 Posted 33 Days Ago in: Training

Why Is Your Core So Important?

You should never overlook training your core when working out, but why? We investigate the reasons behind why the core is so important.

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3591 Posted 34 Days Ago in: Genetics, Nutrition

Everything You Need To Know About A Mediterranean Diet

Have you been wondering how you can follow a Mediterranean diet type and live healthier? Find out here

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3590 Posted 38 Days Ago in: Nutrition

Have A Healthy St Patrick's Day

St Patrick's Day is tomorrow and that means fun and festivities on the weekend! Here's how to do it when you're still focused on keeping to your fitness and diet goals.

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3589 Posted 40 Days Ago in: Training

Body Toning Series: Glutes

Our Body Toning Series is almost over, but we've still got one more thing to cover: your glutes. If you want to improve your posture and get a perfect butt then these are the exercises for you.

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3587 Posted 45 Days Ago in: Genetics, Nutrition

Defending the Carnivores

The perception of meat in the world that we live in today has appeared to degrade, and there have even been claims that we are not meant to eat meat at all, but is any of this true? We defend the carnivores among us by investigating.

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3586 Posted 46 Days Ago in: Training, Genetics

How To Recover Better With A Genetically Slower Recovery Speed

Recovery is an essential part of your training regime because it determines how often you'll be able to train at a high intensity throughout the week. Some of us are predisposed to have a slow recovery speed, but there are interventions we can all make in order to recover better. Here's how...

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3585 Posted 47 Days Ago in: Training

Body Toning Series: Legs

This week our Body Toning Series tackles the infamous Leg Day, and the best ways that you can target all the different muscles in your legs to get an amazing foundation.

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3584 Posted 48 Days Ago in: Nutrition

2018 Nutrition Facts vs Fiction

Every year more fads come and go, but what works and what doesn't? Here, we debunk a few myths and tell you the truth about them.

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3582 Posted 54 Days Ago in: Training

Body Toning Series: Back

Our Body Toning Series takes us all the way to the back this week, an important muscle for strength exercises and your posture and flexibility! Discover the best ways to build your back in this edition.

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3581 Posted 55 Days Ago in: Genetics, Nutrition

Everything You Need To Know About A Low Fat Diet

Have you been wondering how you can implement the low fat ideal diet type into your lifestyle? Find out here

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3579 Posted 59 Days Ago in: Nutrition

Should you stop eating after 6pm?

There's a lot of buzz around restricting your diet (and calories) by having your last meal at 6pm, and then nothing but water afterwards, but does it really work?

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3577 Posted 61 Days Ago in: Training

Body Toning Series: Chest

Your chest includes some of the largest muscles in your upper body, and because of this you use them all day long to do everything from normal lifting and carrying to when you need to exert power. This week we tackle the best and most effective ways to train your chest.

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3576 Posted 63 Days Ago in: Training, Genetics

How to Train with a Genetically Low VO2max

When you receive your DNAFit results you'll find that on the fitness side will be an indication of your VO2max ability. But what does this mean? And how should you go about training?

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3575 Posted 66 Days Ago in: Genetics, Nutrition

Foods to Preload with to Combat Oxidative Stress

When you exercise, your body is put under stress and free radicals are produced, which can damage your cells. You can counteract this by preloading with antioxidant-rich foods to ensure your body maintains a healthy balance.

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3574 Posted 68 Days Ago in: Training

Body Toning Series: Arms

Next up, we shift our focus to your arms and the exercises that you can do to build muscle and get the best results!

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3573 Posted 70 Days Ago in: Genetics, Nutrition

Everything You Need To Know About A Low Carb Diet

Still wondering about how to optimise your ideal low carb diet type? We explain it all right here.

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3569 Posted 73 Days Ago in: Nutrition

Healthy Aphrodisiac Foods For Valentine's Day

Thinking of spoiling your Valentine with a candlelit dinner prepared by you? Go ahead and include these foods on the menu to make your night that much more romantic...

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3568 Posted 75 Days Ago in: Training, Nutrition

Body Toning Series: Abs

We start off our body toning series with a focus on abs, detailing how you can get the perfect six pack or toned look you're aiming for.

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3567 Posted 80 Days Ago in: Nutrition

Life Pro Tips for Meal Prep

Meal preparation can not only serve to save you time and money, but can also broaden your food choices and make you become more aware of what you’re putting inside of your body.

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3566 Posted 82 Days Ago in: Training

Eccentric Loading Exercises for Fitness and Health

Optimise your workout by doing eccentric loading exercises to build your power and prevent injury. Our sports scientist tells you how!

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3563 Posted 87 Days Ago in: Nutrition

Are We Hungrier When It Is Cold?

It's a commonly accepted belief that we all get hungrier when it is cold, but is it simply a Pavlovian response to cultural norms and societal hive mind, or is there something to it? We investigate the research done around this topic to find out.

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3562 Posted 89 Days Ago in: Training

Essential Post-Run Stretches

If you're a runner, then you'll be well aware of how you feel after an intense session. And you'll know how important it is to adequately stress to reduce the likelihood of DOMS and stiffness. Here are our essential post-run stretches to try out next time.

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3561 Posted 94 Days Ago in: Training, Genetics, Nutrition

Engineering Your Life to Live Longer

There are various ways that we can affect positive change in our lives, to ensure that we "engineer" our bodies, and minds, to be at their peak. And so we investigated a few methods that could, potentially, help all of us live longer, and better.

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3559 Posted 96 Days Ago in: Training

Tabata Training: What It Is and How You Do It

Tabata is another form of HIIT exercise that is much shorter but highly effective due to the intensity it puts your body under.

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3557 Posted 101 Days Ago in: Nutrition

Is eating insects the future of sustainability?

Insects are everywhere, but would you eat one? We discover the benefits of eating insects; for sustainability and for our nutrition.

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3556 Posted 102 Days Ago in: Training

Warm Ups: How, Why, What?

Warm ups are the foundation of every exercise that not only promote better performance, but aid recovery after exercise as well. Here's why you should stop and warm up before immediately hitting the weights at gym.

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3555 Posted 103 Days Ago in: Nutrition

Healthy Food Trends 2018

Forecasted nutrition trends in 2018

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3554 Posted 103 Days Ago in: Training

Fitness Trends 2018

Forecasted fitness trends for 2018

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3552 Posted 115 Days Ago in: Training, Nutrition

Win New Year's Without The Excess

New Year's, for some, offers the daunting prospect of having to get raucous when all you really want to do is stay at home and treat it like any old day. But there are other ways to celebrate the coming of the New Year without getting too overboard. Here's how...

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3551 Posted 118 Days Ago in: Training

Goal Setting Done Right

Setting goals is easier said than done... and so we bring you a few ways to become a master of the art.

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3550 Posted 122 Days Ago in: Nutrition

Inventive Ways To Use Christmas Leftovers

You've made all this food for Christmas... too much. And here's how to use leftovers in healthy ways the next day without wasting.

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3549 Posted 124 Days Ago in: Training, Genetics, Nutrition

Have You Got Everything You Need For Gym?

Getting yourself into the gym is only the first step... what's just as important is accessories you can use to boost your performance. Here's what you need to get off to a flying start!

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