How to choose a DNA test

One of our most frequently asked questions is "how much does a DNA test cost?" There are, however, many factors that contribute to the price of genetic testing. More importantly, you need to ensure that you choose a DNA test that's accurate, reliable and aligns with your goals - whether those are health, fitness, diet or something like genetic testing for ancestry. The following article will unpack the cost of DNA testing as well as give you tips on how to chose the right genetic test (and supplier) for you.

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Which DNA test is right for you?

Deciding on which DNA testing  company is best for you and suits your needs, is the first step you need to take before you actually take the leap and buy one. But, it isn’t so easy.

The market is largely unregulated and, as the science grows and word-of-mouth spreads, there are many companies who are dipping their toes into this space. This makes it challenging to establish who the most reputable companies in the field are. 

First, you need to decide what genetic information you want to find out

When choosing a DNA test, you first need to narrow down your list of possible suppliers, based on the genetic information you want to find out. There are various different types of DNA tests, including:

  • DNA testing for paternity
  • DNA testing for ancestry
  • DNA testing for health and disease risk
  • DNA testing for fitness and nutrition

DNAFit, for example, falls into the field of genetic testing for diet and fitness. The genetic markers we test for give you insight into how your body responds to various different nutrients and types of exercise. We provide recommendations based on your genes to help you make positive lifestyle changes to help you to reach your goals.

Once you've established which DNA testing companies specialise in the genetic information you are looking for, you'll need to assess which of these companies offer a reliable product at a reasonable cost. 

How much does a DNA test Cost?

The cost of DNA testing can vary greatly from supplier to supplier, but so will the quality of the product. Before you opt for the cheapest test on the market, you need to ensure that the supplier is reputable and that you'll receive accurate DNA test results.

It's important to know what self-regulating behaviours the genetic testing company uses, to safeguard your genetic information. Choosing a reputable supplier also ensures that your DNA test results and other personal data is secure.

Here at DNAFit, for example, we adhere to the highest possible data protection standards:

  • We only test for our panel of genetic variants associated with health and fitness, and nothing more.
  • No personal information is stored, your genetic sample is destroyed as soon as your results have been processed.
  • We only include genetic variants that have been shown (in at least three studies) to have health and fitness associations.
  • DNAFit are registered with the Information Commissioners Office for data protection.  
  • And finally, we are the only genetic testing company who is ISO 27001 certified, which is the information security standard worldwide.

We're dedicated to bringing you a product that you can trust, by implementing these regulations into the framework of our company. 

Comparing DNA testing products

Once you've narrowed down your list of reputable suppliers, you'll need to compare their DNA testing products. Ideally, you want to work with a genetic company who supplies not only your DNA test results, but also actionable advice (based on your genetic information) that you can use to improve your life. 

In this section, we'll compare a few genetic products (to demonstrate the differences in both cost and offerings) in the same field as DNAFit. We would go into more depth, but the truth is that it is difficult to ascertain the value of products that have completely different offerings.

What you get with DNAFit

Product: Diet Fitness Pro 360

Cost:  £179

Genetic markers:

  • Optimal Diet Type
  • Carbohydrate & Fat Response
  • Anti-Oxidant & Omega 3 Need
  • Folate, Vitamin B & D Need
  • Salt, Alcohol & Caffeine Sensitivity
  • Lactose Tolerance
  • Coeliac Predisposition
  • Training Intensity Response
  • Aerobic Trainability
  • Injury Predisposition
  • Recovery Speed

Additional resources:

  • Genetic reports for nutrition and fitness
  • MealPlanner (genetically-guided recipes and menus)
  • Online training system (choose either Fat Burner or Muscle Builder)
  • 30-minute consult with your personal health coach to go through your DNA test results and answer any of your questions
  • DNAFit app to access your genetic reports anywhere, anytime


What you get with Athletigen

Product: DNA Kit + Welcome Report

Cost:  $199

Genetic markers:

  • Aging health
  • Bone health
  • Joint health
  • Metabolic health
  • Vitamins and minerals
  • Muscular health
  • Sensitivities
  • Sleep health

Additional resources:

  • Welcome report

What you get with Myogenes

Product: Diet, Health & Fitness

Cost:  £358.80

Genetic markers:

  • Micro & macronutrient needs
  • Metabolism of alcohol, caffeine and lactose
  • Muscle type and response to physical activity
  • Predisposition to oxidative stress
  • Propensity for
    • high cholesterol
    • high blood sugar
    • weak bones
    • obesity 

 Additional resources:

  • Diet, Health and Fitness Guidebook
  • Consultation with professional health specialist

Contact us if you have any questions about how DNAFit's DNA testing works.  

We're happy to answer all of your product-related questions and any other queries you may have regarding what we do. There are many options out there but, as with everything, you get what you pay for. Nothing is more important than your genetics. Your DNA makes you who you are, so make sure you choose a supplier that understands the importance of providing accurate genetic information and protecting your data.

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