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The DNAfit 10-Point Personal Genetics Code of Practice

Since DNAfit began in early 2013, the public understanding and appetite for personal genetic information, especially that which focuses specifically on fitness and nutrition markers, has grown exponentially. This consumer growth is mirrored in the ever-growing number of companies offering such services to the direct consumer, we've found at least 19 different companies offering products that report on genetic information related to sporting or fitness performance.

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How accurate are saliva swab DNA tests?

DNA tests have soared in popularity in recent years. Whether you want to confirm paternity, see where your genes originate from or you want to optimise your workout. We're taking a look at the accuracy of a direct-to-consumer saliva swab DNA test.

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The history of DNA testing and genetic science [Infographic]

DNA testing and genetic science has come a long way since its discovery in the 1860s. Here's a brief history of the discovery of DNA and where we're headed in the future.

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Privacy and data security when doing a DNA test

The rapid growth of direct-to-consumer DNA testing has also given rise to cause for concern about the privacy and data security policies of genetic testing companies. We take a look at the risks involved with doing a DNA test and outline DNAFit's position on the matter.

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Understanding the genes we test for at DNAFit

At DNAFit, we test for 45 genetic variants that are associated with health and fitness. Because genetics can be confusing and hard to understand, we've put together this guide of the genes we test for.

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The beginner's guide to nutrigenetics

The new and developing science of Nutrigenetics aims to identify genetic susceptibility to diseases and the ways in which very small difference in our genes can alter the effects that nutrient intake has on the body. By understanding and analysing these variations, specific dietary and disease prevention advice can be given based on personal genetic makeup.

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What is epigenetics?

In the quest to learn more about ourselves on a genetic level, we must understand that genetics only helps to add more pieces to the puzzle, but still cannot answer everything. For this reason, epigenetics has become just as important as genetics when understanding ourselves.

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Can I get a DNA test while pregnant?

We recently received the following question about DNA testing during pregnancy: I'm a very active person. I wanted to take the DNAFit DNA test but recently discovered I'm pregnant, would this affect the results? Should I wait until after the baby is born? I would like to continue being active during my pregnancy and was curious as to what diet type suits my body best, in order to control my pregnancy weight. Here's everything you need to know about DNA testing as a mum-to-be.

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The difference between unlocking your full genome and a SNP analysis

In this article we aim to concisely explain the difference between whole genome sequencing and genotyping (the category that SNP analysis falls into). Both have different uses and costs, so it's good for you to know the ins and outs before you purchase one.

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How to choose a DNA test

One of our most frequently asked questions is "how much does a DNA test cost?" There are, however, many factors that contribute to the price of genetic testing. More importantly, you need to ensure that you choose a DNA test that's accurate, reliable and aligns with your goals - whether those are health, fitness, diet or something like genetic testing for ancestry. The following article will unpack the cost of DNA testing as well as give you tips on how to chose the right genetic test (and supplier) for you.

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Genetic science 101: terms you'll encounter with your DNA test results

DNA test results can be confusing if you're not familiar with biology. The world of genetic science is full of long, boring scientific explanations and acronyms for things we simply cannot pronounce. That's why we've put together an easy-to-read guide to the common terms you'll encounter in your genetic reports. From SNPs to nutrigenetics, let's learn about the genes that make us who we are.

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How does a DNA test with DNAFit work?

The DNAFit DNA test is a simple mouth swab test, which allows us to provide valuable insights into your body's responses to diet and exercise. We provide you with genetic reports detailing your DNA profile. You'll be assigned a personal fitness coach to go through your results with you, and help you turn your genetic information into actionable lifestyle changes, for better health and fitness.

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