The true cost of absenteeism for your business

Why you should care about corporate wellness programmes

Corporate wellness programmes are no longer just a nice-to-have, they're an absolute must. Why? Because your staff are your biggest assets. Businesses that don't recognise the cost of absenteeism run the risk of huge losses in productivity and profit each year. The following article will break down the true cost of absenteeism for your business, and what you can do to prevent this.

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Happy, healthy staff = higher levels of productivity

Your staff are your biggest assets. When they are happy, healthy and productive, your customer service levels improve along with customer retention. 

According to the Harvard Business Review, acquiring a new customer can cost anywhere from "five to 25 times" more than simply retaining an existing one. To further drive this message home, "research done by Frederick Reichheld of Bain & Company (the inventor of the net promoter score) shows that increasing customer retention rates by 5% increases profits by 25% to 95%."


The cost of absenteeism and presenteeism

Absenteeism and presenteeism (remaining at work while ill) cost the UK economy over £77 billion per year. According to the Office for National Statistics, businesses lost approximately 137.3 million days’ worth of productivity during 2017, due to illness and injury.

The average employee loses the equivalent of 30.4 days per year to sick leave and underperformance caused by illness. That’s a massive chunk of productivity!


Corporate wellness benefits also help to attract talent to your business

Investing in the health and wellness of your employees helps give your business a competitive edge. DNAFit is a disruptive technology, backed by burgeoning scientific advances. It gives people an alternative solution to the one-size fits all approach to health, fitness and nutrition. The importance of personalisation is to engage your employees on an individual level. We provide them with analysis that can be applied on a practical level in their daily lives.

Extensive research was undertaken in the last decade regarding the benefits to employers in providing effective health and wellbeing programmes for their workforce. An effective company-wide wellness programme is a difficult task to get right. However, the correct plan offers not only intangible benefits such as a healthier and happier workforce, but tangible benefits such as increased productivity and decreased absenteeism.


How corporate wellness programmes help to reduce absenteeism

Sustainable, long-term health care relies on individuals managing their own health. By providing people with a simple, personalised guide to their bodies they are more likely to feel confident in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This helps reduce illness and absenteeism, which ultimately boosts your bottom line.

There is a weight of evidence that demonstrates that employees who participate in programmes in a variety of workplace settings lose more weight, achieve lower BMI Benefits and reduce their percentage of body fat when compared to control groups that did not participate. Physical inactivity has major health consequences and is estimated to cost the UK economy about £8.2 billion per year.

Workplace physical activity interventions can have a positive effect on physical activity behaviour, overall fitness, body measurements, work attendance and job stress. Physical activity programmes at work reduce absenteeism by up to 20% and physically active workers take 27% fewer sick days. 

Your employees will feel a heightened sense of belief in an organisation that has a forward thinking, progressive approach to corporate wellness. They will be encouraged to look after themselves, improve their productivity at work and increase their level of engagement with their tasks. It also offers them a proactive approach to health and wellbeing issues that could potentially arise in the future.

There is often greater adherence to diet and training plans that are based on genetics. Your employees gain the ability to make suitable and recommended changes to their fitness and nutrition habits using their genetic reports. With these insights their goals become easy to achieve, in a shorter time space.

We understand that approaches to fitness and nutrition are in constant flux. There is a fragility to not knowing for sure if what you are doing will work this time. Now, your employees won’t have to worry about this. Genetically-guided means that we base our recommendations on the data in your DNA - teaching you what works best for your body.

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