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Turn your 23andMe data into a genetically-matched wellness plan (including nutrition, fitness, stress and sleep genetics), supported by qualified dieticians and sport scientists.

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Key highlights of your DNAfit journey

Learn how your body responds to changes in diet, exercise, sleep and stress. Work with a dietician and sport scientist to build a personalised DNAfit experience based on your goals–whatever those may be.

Dietician Consultation

Andrew explains how your 30-minute consult with one of our registered dieticians helps you put everything you've learned about your body into action in your daily life.

Genetic Fitness Report

Learn how to make your workouts work for you. Discover how your body responds to changes in exercise, from optimal training type (power vs. endurance) to injury risk and recovery response.

Genetic Stress Report

Discover your genetic stress tolerance and predisposition toward better sleep quality. Learn how your genetics predispose you to be either a night owl or morning lark.

Andrew Steele

Andrew Steele

Head of Product at DNAfit

Andrew is an Olympic medalist and professional athlete. As Head of Product at DNAfit, he shows people how to use their genetic information to get the best possible results from their training.

How does Health Link for 23andMe users work?

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Create DNAfit Account

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Simply connect to your 23andMe data

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Receive DNAfit reports instantly

Here's what you'll get with your Health Link



Diet Insights

A selection of in-depth and easy to use genetic insights to help you personalise your diet.

Reports Include

  • Optimal Diet Type
  • Carbohydrate & Fat Response
  • Anti-Oxidant & Omega 3 Need
  • Folate, Vitamin B & D Need
  • Salt, Alcohol & Caffeine Sensitivity
  • Lactose Tolerance
  • Coeliac Predisposition
  • Phase 1 & Phase 2 Detoxification



Fitness Insights

Discover how your DNA can help optimise your workouts with actionable genetic reports

Reports Include

  • DNAfit Peak Performance Algorithm®
  • Aerobic Trainability
  • Injury Predisposition
  • Recovery Nutrition Needs
  • Recovery Profile



Meal & Training Plans

Our genetically-guided training & meal plan platforms are included with Health Link.

MealPlanner includes

  • Recipes built around your tastes, genetics and target weight
  • Ingredients list linked to an online shopping basket

Training Plans include

  • Workouts built around goal, genetics, and access to equipment
  • Video, audio and text guides


Coaching Choices

Personal Health Coach

Included with Health Link, get a personal health coach to help you reach your goals.

Health Fit Coaching includes

  • 30 minute call, choice of:
  • Qualified dieticians
  • Sports scientists
  • Ongoing coaching support



Stress & Sleep Insights

Learn how your body responds to stress as well as your genetic chronotype.

Reports include:

  • Stress Tolerance
  • Warrior vs. Strategist Response
  • Genetic Chronotype
  • Sleep Quality & Caffeine Response
Money back guarantee

Money back guarantee

We’re not happy, unless you’re happy.

If you’ve been through your DNAfit journey and coaching, and you don’t feel 100% happy with the service you received, then we’ll refund your purchase*.

* Subject to terms & conditions

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