Discover genetic factors associated
with fitness and nutrition.
Reveal your genetic profile:

How does DNAFit work?

DNAFit is a simple saliva swab, taken at home (or anywhere!) and sent via the post.
Using our unique and easy to understand DNAFit reports, you'll unlock an in-depth panel of genetic variants associated with fitness, nutrition and wellbeing to help you refine how you train, eat and live.

Deep-dive personal nutrition

Manage your body composition with a new layer of nutrition education and personalised meal plans

Next level fitness information

Upgrade your fitness knowledge with unparalleled genetic data, as used by professional sports teams and Olympic champions

Explore your genetic makeup

Unlock a new level of personal understanding with genetic insights into fitness and dietary response

DNAFit at Wild West Fitness 2015

  • IMPORTANT: DNA testing for nutrition and fitness is an emerging science.
    Knowledge is evolving rapidly but is still far from complete. DNAFit prides itself on basing its genetic analyses and recommendations on the best science available, but that science is dynamic and may not always be conclusive. DNAFit may benefit some people more than others, and in some case possibly provide no benefit. To learn more on how DNAFit can improve your life, consult a qualified health professional.

Fitness Diet Pro

The best of both worlds. Our high end comprehensive panel of Fitness and Diet genetic markers, at one great price.

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