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Losing weight starts with...
knowing the right diet for you

The best
possible diet

Identify the ideal diet for your body.

Diet plan, menus
and recipes

Your test includes a personalised
diet plan with menus and recipes.

Also includes
exercise guidelines

Learn how much exercise is right for you, to accompany your diet.

Learn how to manage your weight more efficiently

We test your DNA for 13 key genes to help you understand more about your body, so you can adapt your lifestyle to your needs.

  • Obesity risk

    Are you more susceptible to weight gain than others?

  • Saturated fat

    Do saturated fats impact your ability to lose weight?

  • Carbohydrates

    Will carbohydrates intake increase your risk of obesity?

Here are just some of the key genes we test for...

Understanding your genes is like your own personal map to weight loss, why try to find your way without a map?

Know the genes that you carry, and how they affect your ability to lose weight. Use this knowledge to pick the right diet for you.

  • ADBR3 Regulation of fat
  • PPARA Regulation of fat
  • PPARG Lipid and glucose
  • APOA2 Regulation of fat
  • ADRB2 Mobilisation of fat
  • Arg16Gly Weight loss resistance
  • FABP2 Fat absorption
  • ACE Carbohydrate Sensitivity

We also provide you with shopping lists and product recommendations for your favourite retailers, based on your DNAFit Diet results!

Here is how it works

  • Order your DNAFit Diet test now and receive the collection kit via post.

  • Collect your saliva samples with the provided collection kit and sent them to our laboratory for analysis.

  • We provide you with a personal report and diet plan in approximatly 10 working days after receipt of your samples.

You can also get your DNAFit reports, in just a few clicks, using data from a 23andMe account

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Choose a DNAFit Diet test whether you want to start the
best possible diet or learn how to eat right for your body.

Your Ideal Diet
Carbohydrate & Saturated Fat Sensitivity
Lactose & Gluten Intolerance Risk New!
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12-week Eating Plan & Recipes
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DNA Collection Kit and Sample Analysis
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